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Benefits, Power and Effects of Wearing a Blue Sapphire (Neelam) Gemstone

Benefits, Power and Effects of Wearing a Blue Sapphire (Neelam) Gemstone

Have you ever desired that you get good luck in abundance and that too instantly? Have you ever wished for a miracle to happen and swarm you with wealth? Well, who doesn’t dream for a better future!

It can all be possible with the help of the certified neelam gemstone - the Blue Sapphire. As per Vedic Astrology Blue Sapphire is a symbol of the planet Saturn (Shani). If worn and used appropriately, it can bring along instant gains, quick resolution to a problem or wealth beyond one’s expectations. One should, however, be careful to check the authenticity of Blue Sapphire before purchasing it and buy only certified gemstones online or from official gemstones outlet to reap maximum benefits.

Neelam gemstone (Blue Sapphire) is recommended to be worn by those who are in the pursuit of turning their long running misfortune into good fortune and that too in ample!

Check out these top ten benefits of wearing a Blue Sapphire:

Instant Impact:
Blue sapphire effects can be seen immediately after wearing it. May it be in the form of windfall gains, good luck, immense wealth or an opportunity knocking at your door! All this can happen within just a day to one month of the gemstone’s possession. But the impact will be experienced majorly if one avoids buying fake gemstones online and gets certified gemstones from an established dealer.

Calming Effect on Saturn:
Since the Blue Sapphire is connected to Saturn, it shows splendid results especially during the transits of Saturn such as the Sade Sati. The gemstone tends to have a calming effect on the planet. Blue sapphire powers one by boosting one’s vivacity, positive energy and a gradual decrease in gloom.

Keeps Enemies Away:
Due to its protective nature, Neelam gemstone acts like a wall keeping all evils at bay. Once worn, neelam gemstone benefits the wearer by protecting from all sorts of enemies, bad thoughts, evil acts, natural calamities and jealousy etc.

Enhances Decision Making Ability:
The blue sapphire powers a person by bringing along clarity of thoughts and expression and helps one to take better decisions under tough circumstances. As per recent studies, certified gemstones either purchased online or from the right channels, tend to show a greater impact on the person wearing them. One can see the confusion wade away and enhanced abilities to choose the right path.

Better Flow of Energy:
The blue sapphire effects are energizing on its bearer and helps improve the flow of energy in the body, mind and heart. Facts state that the digestion improves and one feels less lethargic but more energized and focused.

Superb Healing Power:
Neelam gemstone has superb healing capabilities and it has a soothing impact on the senses. The overall health improves and the body functions in a better way which creates a balanced outlook.

Boosts Positivity:
With its stable features, the benefits of blue sapphire also includes slaying negativity in a gradual manner and boosting the positivity factor in life. It brightens the stars of creativity, intelligence and helps remove unknown fears and complexes.

Brings in Wealth Gains:
Wealth gain is one of the noticeable benefits of wearing a blue sapphire. The finances witness a rise in various ways and new windows open up to multiply the channels of wealth creation. One has to work hard towards achieving the financial goals and wearing the neelam gemstone benefits will support the bearer in attaining those goals.

Acts as Fortune Turner:
The Blue Sapphire power has ability to turn one’s fortune. It lifts the misfortune and good luck comes to the fore. If worn with astrological advice at a proper time, and bought from a genuine Blue Sapphire dealer online or in person, a person can gain popularity, name, fame and a formidable reputation.

Improves Concentration and Meditation Abilities:
Not only does the neelam gemstone provide instant gains but it helps one lead a much peaceful life by developing the concentration and meditation abilities. If one has a flair for spirituality, Blue Sapphire improves the capacity to tread the road to self realization. The gemstone also has the power to strengthen the Sahasrara chakra/crown chakra, which further leads to effective flow of cosmic energy.

It is important for one to identify and believe only certified gemstones available for purchase online or from genuine sellers to gain from the Blue Sapphire. It being an investment done majorly due to astrological reasons, one should be fully aware of the purchase options available for these gemstones online and through retail.


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    Mato Ray
  • This article shares the benefits of wearing blue sapphire stone to enhance the effects of planet Saturn in our life. Thanks for posting this article on the internet.

  • after wearing nila I want to know the status of service life

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