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All You Need to Know About Bicolour Sapphires

All You Need to Know About Bicolour Sapphires

Bicolour sapphires, also known as bi-colour or parti-colour sapphires, are stunning gems with a unique combination of two colours. This type of sapphire is especially beautiful and eye-catching because its colour pattern is often characterised by a sharp contrast between the two hues. In this blog post, we will look at what makes bicolour sapphires so special and how you can identify them.

The Colour Combination of Bicolour Sapphires
Unlike single-colored sapphires, bicolour sapphire stones have more than one colour in their composition. These mesmerizing stones usually have contrasting colour combinations such as blue and yellow or green and pink. They can also be found in other combinations such as orange and pink, red and purple, yellow and green, etc. The colour combination in a bicolour stone is determined by the trace elements present in it when the gemstone was formed deep within the earth's crust over millions of years ago.

Identifying Bicolor Sapphires
Bicolor sapphires are easily identifiable due to their distinct appearance. They usually have two distinct colours that sharply contrast each other along an imaginary line running through the stone’s centre. To make sure that you are looking at a genuine bicolour stone, you need to observe it under a microscope or loupe for its unique pattern of crystallization which is clearly visible on the surface layer of these stones.

Uses for Bicolour Sapphires
Since they come in many different colour combinations, bicolour sapphires are incredibly versatile gemstones that can be used for various purposes including jewellery making, home décor accents, artworks etc. Many people also choose them for their collections as they provide eye-catching appeal with their unique formation and intense colours.

Astrological Relevance

Bicolour sapphire is a unique type of sapphire that features two distinct shades or colors. This rare occurrence has made bicolour sapphires highly sought after and speculated to have been formed because of some astrological aspect. For instance, some believe that the two colors signify being in tune with the energies of two different zodiac signs at once, and as such these stones are believed to be especially powerful for individuals born under both signs so represented in any given stone. Additionally, these stones are also thought to carry special powers that give the wearer certain qualities from both zodiacs. Whether it's being intelligent and grounded like Taurus, but also creative like Scorpio; or strong and determined like Leo, but also intuitive like Aquarius- bicolour sapphires are believed to deliver a multitude of blessings granted by both zodiacs merged into one beautiful gemstone!

Bicolour sapphire stones have become increasingly popular among jewellers due to their stunning beauty and versatility. While they may not be as rare as single coloured stones, they still have an undeniable charm that sets them apart from regular gems like diamonds or rubies. Whether you're looking for a special piece of jewellery or looking to add some sparkle to your home décor - these captivating gems are definitely worth considering! With this blog post providing all the information you need about bicolour sapphires – it should be easy for students to pick out the perfect gemstone for any project!



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