• Can Planets Affect Your Investments

    Investments in stocks and assets are the expertise of a financial adviser. Based on the past performance and various data, a financial adviser projects the future of investments. Could that future be told through the complexity of planetary positions aka astrology?

    Many economists, business tycoons have taken the help of the...

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  • How to Check Original Gemstone?

    Why You Should Avoid Wearing Treated Gemstones.

    Imagine two farmers, A & B, who cultivate vegetables at their farm. Farmer A, follows organic method to produce them. Thus, he avoids using harmful chemicals and fertilizers. Farmer B, uses various chemicals to increase the yield, thus spoiling the soil and the vegetables to gain more profit. 

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  • What Are Gemstones? How Gemstones Are Formed?

    Precious things in life are not found in an easy way. The more something is rare, the more it is harder to get. Likewise, gemstones are the hidden treasures that are hard to find. Even if they are not found aplenty, people are seemingly over- ambitious in finding them because there are some qualities in...

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  • Bangkok : The Epicenter of Treated Gemstones

    Gemstones are beautifully and wonderfully made by nature to bless mankind in an abundant way. These gifts are worthy than anything else as it favour us in various spheres of our life.  Because of their magnificent work in our life, they are extremely famous all over the world. In India, they are considered valuable and...

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  • Different Types of Pearls & How They Form

    All you need to know about the Different Types of Pearls

    If there is any gemstone that is popular across different cultures even today, then it has to be pearls. They have long been an object of adoration and in the ancient times were adorned by great kings and queens.

    What makes the pearl...

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  • The Role of Luck in Stock Market

    Has it happened to you that one fine day you woke up, decided to invest into the stock market, and went ahead with full steam! You didn’t analyse the stock market much but just hooked on to your gut feeling. And, serendipitously, it turned out to be the biggest gain of your life! That day...

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