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How Gemstones can help solve your Astrological Problems

How Gemstones can help solve your Astrological Problems

We all face challenges or difficult times in our lives and if we confront our problems, we can very well find a solution to them. Some of us turn to astrology to find those solutions. Astrological gemstone recommendation can be relied upon to improve the situation at most times!

Astrological gemstones holds immense importance in a person’s life as the genuine gemstones represents planets in horoscope. The events taking place in one’s life are associated with the placement of these planets in the horoscope. And the astrological gemstones help in pacifying the planets or giving a thrust to energise them for the betterment of one’s life.

Gemstones in astrology are considered to be quite effective when it comes to thwarting the afflictions of unwanted planetary movements. However, one should keep in mind, that only genuine gemstones will generate a positive effect for one. Such certified gemstones can be bough online or from authorized retailers throughout the world.

Let’s take a look below to know how different gemstones are associated with various planets and hence included in most astrological gemstone recommendations:

  1. Ruby/Manik Stone - to pacify Sun

    To make the best use of this ‘energised’ planet, we have to make concerted efforts to direct this energy into a positive direction. If not, this can mark the chances of financial stability and also cause health issues to occur.

To ward-off the ill-effects of this planet, astrologers suggest the Sun gemstone – Ruby or Manik stone, which can be worn by one to place the Sun into a more powerful position. It can also help reduce the negative effects caused by of the depleted Sun.

Pearl/Moti stone – to pacify Moon
The moon is associated with calmness of the mind and body of an individual. It is also responsible for one’s emotional well-being. If the moon is displaced in the birth chart of in the horoscope, one can experience restlessness, depression, uncertainty, anger, weight problems and many more such problems.

According to astrological gemstone recommendation, wearing a pearl can eliminate the malicious effects of moon displacement. This astrological gemstone is usually worn on a Monday and can bring back the calmness and peace in one’s life. 

Coral/Munga stone – to pacify Mars
Mars is the planet of vital energy and helps one remain motivated and empowered to take new initiatives. But if placed at a wrong place in one’s birth charts, it can generate negative impacts in one’s life and can be harmful.

Astrological gemstone recommendation suggests wearing a Munga/Coral gemstone, which is directly ruled by Mars. The mal-effects of Mars can be set aside by wearing a genuine astrological gemstones purchased from a genuine and certified retailer. The positive impacts can be seen within a few days.

Emerald/Panna stone – to pacify Mercury
Mercury rules the functioning of the brain, the most prominent organ in our body. It induces energy, intellect and helps in taking firm decisions. But if not placed strongly in our horoscope, weak Mercury can lead to brain-related problems such as nervous disorder, lack of coordination between thoughts and actions and much more.

Here Emerald/Panna stone plays a very crucial role in keeping the ill-effects of a weak /mercury at bay. Wearing this astrological gemstone, one can feel regaining confidence and start taking better decision after evaluating the situation. 

Yellow Sapphire – to pacify Jupiter
Jupiter is known as the teacher of all the planets. It is considered to bring fortune, good luck, recognition, build one’s intellect and over all well being.  But if not placed properly or discoursed, Jupiter can obstruct the path to one’s success and breed health issues, loss of fortune and many other problems.

Yellow Sapphires is ideal Jupiter gemstone that strengthens the position of Jupiter in one’s planetary placements and helps in reaping the benefits of one’s hard work in the form of financial gains, good health, fame and general well-being.

Opal – to pacify Venus
Venus is the planet that boosts creativity in mind, develops love, emotional strength and confidence leading to one’s empowerment. If it settles in not so positive houses of your horoscope, it can create trouble in your married life, love life and cause hindrances in your creative path.

Opal is a precious and a powerful gemstone. It directly associates with Venus planet and helps in resolving various issues created by the weak placement of Venus. Opal allows you to express yourself freely as it releases anger, helping you energize your energy in better way. However, one has to be careful in purchasing only genuine astrological gemstones and that can be done online or through authorized retail outlets.

Blue Sapphire/Neelam stone – to pacify Saturn
Blue Sapphire is considered to have palliative properties which are helpful in pacifying the aggressive planet Saturn. The planet signifies good luck, wealth, fortune, logic, patience and much more. But if it changes its course, it can cause serious implications to one by bringing in bad luck, ill-health, impatience, pessimistic thinking and various other issues.

For this, astrological gemstone recommendation includes wearing a Blue Sapphire gemstone to tackle the challenges posed by planet Saturn. This precious gemstone in astrology helps alleviate the malefic effects of Saturn.

Hessonite Garnet/Gomed stone – to pacify Rahu
Rahu is the planet that rules over mind and all kinds of desires and illusions.

Hessonite stone is suggested to be worn to keep the negative effects of Rahu at a distance and bring in more prosperity and happiness in life.

Cat’s eye/Lehsunia stone – to pacify Ketu
Planet Ketu is associated with creativity and parity among all individuals. If it settles well, it can bring along trust and love but if not, it can cause one to be in trouble and be mistrusted and doubted.

  1. To lessen the not so pleasant consequences of Ketu’s displacement, a person is recommended to wear astrological gemstone- cat’s eye. Wearing this gemstone helps abate the mal-effects of Ketu and improve the wearer’s life.

Gemstones in astrology are related to the planets in our horoscope and can help us lead a better life in case of need. One must be careful in choosing only genuine gemstones and purchase them from authentic retail or online stores.


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