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Bangkok : The Epicenter of Treated Gemstones

Bangkok : The Epicenter of Treated Gemstones

Gemstones are beautifully and wonderfully made by nature to bless mankind in an abundant way. These gifts are worthy than anything else as it favour us in various spheres of our life.  Because of their magnificent work in our life, they are extremely famous all over the world. In India, they are considered valuable and important in one’s life, as they are linked with astrological significance. When the storms of life wreak havoc, gemstones are the only thing that outpours hope and gives direction. Indeed they are bestowed with powers to attract the planetary energies strong enough to change the lives of the natives.

Now, to tide over the negative phases and obstacles of life, there is a list of 6 pathways namely- the mantra, tantra, yantra, aushadha, yagya, and Ratna. The last of these the Ratna or the gemstones works only if one is able to get hold of the right gemstone i.e., natural and of Jyotish significance. Therefore, it is highly important to have proper knowledge of natural gemstones and seek astrological advice to experience the goodness of gemstones that brings in our life.

As the popularity of gemstones arises day by day many counterfeit and treated stones arise everywhere. The heat treatment of colourless, pale, and milky sapphires to produce attractive colour has been practiced since many decades. In the late 1970’s and early 1980’s, a new gem treatment known as diffusion treatment was emerged. Under diffusion treatment, gems are heated at very high temperatures (more than 1700 degrees) with colour causing elements like chromium, titanium, iron depending upon the desired colour. The end result is a beautiful gemstone. The trade name for treated sapphires or diffused sapphires are Bangkok Sapphires. There are many theories behind where the gem treatment process was invented but in modern times, many believe that Bangkok is the major place for gem treatments, and that may be the reason for calling treated or heated sapphires as Bangkok Sapphires. This is the reason that Bangkok has emerged as gemstone treatment center of the world. Despite many other tourist attractions, the place offers, a thriving gemstone market which is famous for its (treated) gemstones. Even the much-visited galleries, have their own trade secrets and practices.

Let us try to uncover how the Gemstone Market thrives in Bangkok.

Bangkok is known for its gemstone treatments. The idea is to enhance the appeal of the gemstone by various treatments to make them more bright and clear. The sad truth is no matter how sparkle and clarity these treated gemstones are, they cannot be called as natural gemstones.

Bangkok Sapphires: These fake or treated gemstones flooded the world markets. People who don’t have much knowledge in gemstones fall prey to the shine and clarity of the stones and the priced are quite low when compared to the natural gemstones. It can be gauged from the fact that while a natural and untreated gemstone is priced above Rs. 5000 per carat, the cost of a five-carat treated Bangkok Sapphire is way less than that. These gemstones carry no astrological value and are often treated chemically at high temperatures under controlled conditions. The industry in Sri Lanka has been affected due to the huge production of synthetic gemstones by Bangkok which holds auctions often.

  • Gems Galleries/Markets in Bangkok: Chanthaburi is a town located in the east of Thailand. It is consider as the trading center of gemstones in Thailand. Every year, millions of dollars of trade takes place in this town. It is also a center to purchase natural and heated Myanmar Rubies. The coastal province has gained prominence due to the sprawling gemstone market. It is a market you would have never imagined. The market is said to come to life on Friday and get transformed into a highly vibrant gemstone exchange capitals of the world. You will run into buyers, sellers and not forget the brokers. There is no dearth of treated gemstones as you enter the streets of Chanthaburi. The Thailand gem traders give shape to the art of gemstone treatments with heat and glass-filling. It is said that this technique of ‘cooking gemstones’ had originated in Europe and was brought to Thailand in the 1960s. Thai traders travel to Sri Lanka and even Africa, to bring roughs gemstones and transform them into the sparkling one. The extent of treatments can be guessed from the fact that they sell (glass filled rubies) for as low as $2- 3 per carat. If you happen to go the lanes behind these busy markets you will be surprised to see rows of burners that are known as local treatment centers with no signboards. Mostly, Sapphires, Rubies, and Spinels, and many other semi-precious gemstones are sold here.

These markets are strange with different customs. Here, the buyers from different countries book tables in many buildings. Each table is sold at a price of THB 75000-80000(it varies every season). The sellers flock these tables to sell their gemstones. The buyers are often businessmen who are well equipped with tweezers, lenses, and glasses to rightly evaluate the stones. The sellers run to different tables to get the best deal. It is apparent, that everyone around there is not for any astrological purposes but because of their business and profits.

Heated gemstones vs Unheated Gemstones

Gemstones, mainly the sapphires are often heated to enhance their appeal in terms of colour and clarity. At times, very low-grade or simply roughs sapphires are chemically and heat-treated to make them parallel to the market grade stones that can be sold. Apparently, the beauty of the stone is enhanced as they become clear but their value doesn’t increase.

In contrast, an untreated gemstone is natural and pure. No enhancements or treatments are done in them, and the natural Color and clarity comprises the two most important assets of sapphires. The colour is genuine although clarity is a major criterion, but the truth is natural and untreated gemstones have more inclusions than treated ones. Treated gemstones may look good but are of no use for astrological purposes.

Gemkart brings you the best quality of unheated and untreated gemstones direct from the mines. We get our gemstones from the countries of their origin, and thoroughly check them for treatments. Our well qualified gemologist from GIA are well equipped with finding treatments. You can get in touch with us for a candid conversation about the gemstone quality and our gemologists can also suggest the gemstone that suit best as per your birth chart.



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