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Because Faith Should Not Be Blind!

Because Faith Should Not Be Blind!

Gemstones are the beautiful gifts of nature to mankind. Since ancient times, they have been adorned the kings and royalty. Astrology says that these wonderful and genuine gemstones in nature have the power to alleviate the natives from any problems emanating in one’s life due to the planetary combination at the time of the birth of the individual. The unique properties of these sparkling wonders have the power to attract the right planetary energies and bring luck in different aspects of life. What used to be a passion of royal lines can now be possessed by commoners.  People wear these precious gems to endow their lives with beauty and blessings from the planetary powers. The mystical powers that are linked with these gemstones bring about the desired effects on one’s life.

There is no hidden truth about the fact that many known personalities also have great faith in these stones of wonder. However, another fact of the matter is that not all gemstones work, but only the natural ones i.e. the one with the right Jyotish quality that can bring the desired benefits to the lives of the natives. Sadly, most gemstones that are making their way to the markets are either chemically-made in labs or are treated. Such gemstones are not real gems even though they have the same chemical formula. To add pain and confusion, the fake gemstones are often priced high to make them look genuine.

However, Gemkart has always stood by values and ethics in business and is the best place to buy gemstones online. We take pride in bringing gemstones to you directly from the mines so that it truly enhances your lives. We not only sell but ensure you to have knowledge of what you are buying, as having well cognizant of the gems you are looking for is always handy.

We understand that gem selection is not an easy task. Remember, a natural gemstone will be graded for quality based on its rarity, clarity, color, and origin. So how do we, at Gemkart, cut different from the competition and are able to offer the best quality gemstones at the best prices?


Gemkart values rarity and is a trust gemstone website. Natural gemstones are considered precious due to their construct and rarity. It takes millions of years in nature to form these wonders. For instance, it takes a million years for a Sapphire to be formed in nature; likewise, the life of a Panna is around 5 million years. Mother Earth is known to possess more than 4000 different minerals and it is the rare combination of these minerals over time. It is after proper cutting and polishing that the plain and natural gemstones become irresistible. The price of the gemstone is measured by its rarity. At Gemkart, we take pains to get the gemstones directly from where they are mined. We value our customers much more than making profits and hence ensure the price is not too heavy on the pocket.

Direct Procurement

If you are wondering how is it that the rare gemstones we bring are not exorbitantly priced? It is simple; as we root-out the intermediaries the presence of whom often leads to a mark-up of price by 25% at least. Gemkart has a direct relationship with the miners and importers who help us in bringing to you the best quality gemstones. This helps us to directly source them hence, cutting on the time of procurement as well. This helps us to price our gemstones competitively as a longer supply chain is the foremost reason for higher prices. Gemkart hence works with you to bring the best gemstones at the best prices.


Gemkart takes pride in the range of products. We offer to make your desired gem selection. You need to visit Gemkart.com to believe this. Imagine getting bogged down by visiting physical stores and yet not being able to get the satisfaction of purity. Additionally, we open 24X7 so that you can shop at any time of the day at your convenience. Instead of visiting the market, the whole range is flashed on your screens along with the characteristics.


Gemkart present loose gemstones, pendant and ring. If you are looking for a special custom piece of jewel, Gemkart is the right place for you as we are fully customizable for our customer needs and are committed to work with your particular stones. We display fantastic collection of our own custom designs in rings and pendants so that you can select your style, as well as desired metals like gold or silver for astrological purposes. Also, we provide tremendous varieties of attractive blends of design in latest trend appropriate for any occasions. The jewels are of unique design in rings, studs, earring, necklaces, bracelets etc engraved on gold or silver with Diamond, natural zircon of different colours, and many more.

Expert Help

We have a team of experts to handle any queries regarding the gemstone you want to buy. The idea is to give you the best gemstone that brings the desired benefits especially if it is brought for astrological reasons. Our support team not only guides you about the quality but also on how to wear, any linked mantras and rituals linked with it. Also, you will receive a complete kit about “How to wear an Astrological Gemstone” which will assist you with the day and time to wear the gemstone along with garland and puja, a yantra, and mantras to chant before wearing the gemstone. Whenever you buy a gemstone for Jyotish reasons, it has to be properly energized to get the planetary blessings. Hence, all this guidance and support is taken care of by us. Gemstones have the power to change your life and bring you a lot of luck and positivity. However, care should be taken that you know what to look for in a gemstone and buy the best quality one. You also need to pay attention to the manner in which it is worn. Do not be carried away by the prices, as not all expensive gemstones are of good quality. Gemkart not only brings you the best quality gemstones but also ensures the gems are priced right.

Assurance of Genuine Gemstones

We assure you that at Gemkart, all our products are genuine and natural. We believe in ethical practice of selling right products. Each of our Gemstone goes through 8 different kinds of tests of inspection, so that we make sure that only natural and genuine products are being selected and presented. WE DO NOT SELL SYNTHETIC OR SIMULANT PRODUCTS.

Certified Products from Reputed Laboratories

Our gems certified from reputed and known laboratories, like Gemmological Institute of India, Asiatic Center of Gemological Services, Gem Testing Laboratory, International Gem Testing Laboratory etc. As an added security measure, all our gemstones goes through 8 different kinds of inspection for quality assurance. All our gold jewellery comes with BIS hallmarking.

15-Day Easy Return Policy

Products offered by gemkart.com are protected by a 15-Day Full Satisfaction Policy, which guarantees a full refund or product exchange if in unused conditions. We are absolutely confident that you will be happy with your purchase from us because each piece is inspected by hand for quality. We understand; however, that every customer is unique and we are flexible to meet your particular need. If you are not satisfied with your purchase, you can always return or exchange the product at 100% value within 15 days of receiving the product. 

We mean what we say! All you need to do is give us a call on +91 98555 68600 or drop an email at care@gemkart.com within a period of 15 days of delivery of the order.

What You See is What You Get

We make sure that the picture you see is of actual gemstone. We do not enhance or change the color of gemstone photos. Whatever the picture you see on our website is of the actual gem. So that it get easier for you to purchase the product.

Enlightened by Astrologers

When you purchase a gem from us, you do not have to worry about getting it enlightened. All our products are enlightened and empowered by team of Vedic astrologers, who have experience of many years in the field of astrology. Before we dispatch a gemstone or rudraksha to you, the astrologer enlightened them with Mantras and Pooja of the respective planet.

Along with your order, you will receive, a complete kit about ‘How to Wear an Astrological Gemstone’ which will assist you with the day and time to wear the gemstone along with garlands of puja, a yantra, and mantras to chant before wearing the gemstone.



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