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Astrological benefits of wearing Pukhraj – The Yellow Sapphire

Astrological benefits of wearing Pukhraj – The Yellow Sapphire

In the gemstone world, Yellow Sapphire is regarded as Lord of all gems. As the name suggest, Pukhraj means a 'yellow gem'. In the Holy Scriptures, sapphire is consistently described as being around the Throne of God. As medieval times passed to modern, the importance of gemstone in astrology for healing properties has significantly increased. As such, Pukhraj now has been considered as the supremest gemstone amongst the 9 precious gemstones, others are Neelam, Manik, Heera, Panna, Gomedak, Moti, Munga, Katela.

The innate beauty of Pukhraj has become so famous that in second half of the 20th century saw sudden rise in the demand of Pukhraj. Many Yellow Sapphires have been being sold throughout the world for millions of dollars in various auctions. Due to its unharmed effects, it has also gain lot of popularity in the Indian market.

Yellow Sapphire or Pukhraj represents the largest and one of the most influential planets of the solar system – Jupiter. Yellow sapphire stone benefits the wearer in the form of immense financial enrichment, well-being, enhancing happiness, knowledge and bringing honor and success.

Astrological Value:

From many centuries, Pukhraj have been used by every generation for different reasons. Pukhraj gives the wearer the power to take right decisions. Pukhraj harmonizes &benefit the planet of Jupiter, which is also the largest planet in the solar system. It is the planet of creativity, intelligence, spirituality, and progress. Pukhraj guides action in the most positive & harmonious manner and balance the inner & outer power in the body.

It is believed that yellow sapphire performs the action and as well as monitor the mind of the wearer. In astrology, Pukhraj is regarded as the best gem amongst all gemstones. That is the reason that it is worthy to be worn by all. Its potent yellow ray strengthens the health of the skin, digestive system, and helps to live healthy & harmonious life.

Who should wear a Pukhraj stone?

Pukhraj is a powerful gemstone and is worn by people from all sun signs. This enriching gemstone brings along multifarious astrological benefits. Pukhraj is wear for marriage purposes, and to strengthen family relations. It can also be worn for children & prosperity at work. It signifies knowledge, wisdom, virtue, fortune, justice, education, future, religion, philosophy, devotion, children, distant travel, spirituality, truthfulness, prosperity and charity. But to avail benefits of wearing Pukhraj, one needs to wear authentic gemstones bought from only genuine sources.

Here are a few Benefits of Wearing a Pukhraj Stone:

Helps Resolve Marital Problems
Resolving a marital problem is one of the main benefits of wearing Pukhraj. A genuine Yellow Sapphire is proven to be beneficial for the girl or boy seeking a perfect match. Those that face difficulties in finding a suitable match can also be benefited by wearing this gem. It is believed that this stone can help them to overcome delays in getting married. It also helps sort all types of marital problems for the married lot. This stone invokes love and passion between husband and wife and works as ray of hope for their relation. So in order to bring soothe in marital problems wear Yellow sapphire gemstone.

Gives Wings to your Ambitions
The yellow sapphire stone benefits by favoring the stars of those who are ambitious and give wings to their dreams. If one works hard and combines one’s efforts with the power of a genuine Yellow Sapphire, there is no looking back for him/her.

Contributes to Overall Well-Being
This auspicious gemstone is considered as the harbinger of good health, wealth and over all well-being of the bearer.

Helps Enhance Knowledge and Prosperity
If one focuses on gaining knowledge and working hard, nothing can keep one away from turning the dreams into reality. This, coupled with the power of a genuine Yellow Sapphire, can do wonders! It can bring along good name, honor and success.

Fosters the Spirit of Love
The gemstone is also known to bring together lost lovers, rekindle the spark in their life and bring overall happiness in the relationship. The couple can tread on a new path of togetherness and improve the quality of life.

Keeps Illness Away
Going by the overall benefits of the Pukhraj stone, astrologers suggest wearing a genuine yellow sapphire for improving the health of a person who has been witnessing health issues regularly. The wearer is found to have improved on health gradually.

Improves Prospects of Success for Teachers
If you are in the educational sector and imparting knowledge to the students, Pukhraj gemstone benefits by propelling your chances of success in the profession. Being a gemstone which is ruled by Jupiter – planet ‘GURU’ – it is considered to be significant for the teachers and their success.

Helps Bringing Forth Creativity
Doing a balancing act of the chakras in your body, Pukhraj is known to have a positive effect on one’s expression and communication and channelizing the thoughts. Thereby bringing the creative side of the brain to the fore.

Enhances Concentration and Calms the Mind
The gemstone helps calm the mind and increases concentration. This further can help in attaining the academic and professional goals if you focus your efforts towards the same.

Proves Beneficial for the Want-to-be Mothers
Those of you who have been wanting to extend your family and enter parenthood, the Yellow Sapphire can be helpful in fulfilling this wish.

Market of Duplicate or Treated Sapphires:

As the popularity of yellow sapphires has grown many folds, its value has also increased a lot. It has been noted that Indian market is flooded with duplicate Pukhraj. Many dealers have started selling duplicate or treated Pukhraj by certifying it as Real Gemstone.

Nature is not always perfect, and it is but obvious to find some inclusions, which are known as feathers in a Natural Gemstone. But, with the use of technology & chemicals, the impurities can be taken out easily. Not only people have started making crystal clear sapphires but also started the process of enhancing the yellow color in a Pukhraj, which are known as Bangkok Pukhraj in the market.

Yelllow Sapphires are being treated by various methods; Beryllium Diffusion Method is one of the most sought after. Under this method, a natural pukhraj is being heated with some chemicals at high temperatures (1800 degree Celsius). By following this method, a white or pale yellow colored Pukhraj is being converted into a dark yellow colored Pukhraj.

How to avoid purchasing a treated Sapphire:

It is very difficult for a layman to judge the difference between a natural and treated Pukhraj. Here are some measures by which you can avoid buying a treated Pukhraj. It is recommended that one should avoid Pukhraj which are deep yellowish in color. 0n 99% occasions, a natural Pukhraj will have certain inclusions in it. So do not buy Pukhraj which are crystal clear.
Consult a professional gemologist who can give you unbiased view.
Avoid buying Bangkok Pukhraj, which is a trade term given to treated Pukhraj. Ask for certificate from a reputed gem laboratory.

Are you wondering who should wear Pukhraj and how to reap benefits of wearing a Pukhraj gemstone? Anyone who wishes to fulfil above listed things in life can wear a Pukhraj. There are plenty of options available in the market but if not for genuine gemstones, the wearer will not be able to reap any benefits.

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