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Bollywood Celebrities and their Belief in Gemstones

Bollywood Celebrities and their Belief in Gemstones

Who doesn’t love Bollywood celebrities and their creative work? Some of us admire them for their looks and some of us for their acting skills. But have you ever wondered who do they trust or rely on when in trouble? What drives their faith to believe in themselves and achieve success in whatever they do?

Well, facts prove that majority of Bollywood stars wearing gemstones believe in astrology and gemstones. They understand the importance of gemstones and thus invest in best quality and certified gemstones to placate their stars and succeed in their ventures.

Let’s take a look at some Bollywood celebrities who are seen wearing gemstones:

Salman Khan:
We can hardly recall Salman Khan without his turquoise stone bracelet, which is almost like a second skin to him by now. He has been wearing the gemstone for many years and certainly seems to have experienced a positive impact of the same on his life.

Amitabh Bachchan:
When Amitabh Bachchan was facing a financially tough situation, he started wearing the Blue Sapphire, as recommended by an astrologer. After that, he could see the effects of blue sapphire on his business getting more stable and also found new avenues to invest in. His career also started getting back on track with new films coming his way.

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan:
Another member of the Bachchan family and former Miss World Aishwarya Rai Bachchan also puts her belief in gemstones i.e an Opal. She has been reaping the positive effects of opal gemstone and can be seen adorning its ring for success, beauty and prosperity.

Ekta Kapoor:
Ekta Kapoor is a popular celebrity among the Bollywood stars wearing gemstones and she is often seen wearing multiple gemstones and also changing the names of her ventures by beginning them with a particular alphabet. She is a deep believer in astrology and gemstones and wears Ruby that bestows the wearer with success and abundant wealth. The reason why she often gives credit of her success to gemstones and says that they turn your life around.

Nita Ambani:
Gemstones have known to be the harbingers of good luck and prosperity and one can achieve the desired results. Nita Ambani, being amongst the richest and famous personalities of the globe, hasn’t left her faith behind in the gemstones as she owns and flaunts an Emerald ring. This stone brings great success and fortune in the life of a wearer.  It also helps to keep the evil eye at bay and turn the negative energy into positive energy.

Ajay Devgn:
Ajay Devgn can now be seen wearing a Yellow Sapphire and looks like it’s working pretty well for him by making him stand out as an actor who has the most calmest and peaceful personality.

Kareena Kapoor:
Even our Bebo, Kareena Kapoor Khan always moves around wearing a Red Coral gemstone that nullifies the malefic effects of the fiery planet Mars and leads to growth and success in the career.

Apart from this, Superstar Shahrukh Khan, who, in his career so far had never worn any gemstones, can now be seen adorning Red Coral and Emerald rings in his fingers of the right hand. Wearing emerald gemstone benefits the wearer with excellent communication skills and business acumen. On the other hand, Red Coral brings along good health and vitality. No doubt that King Khan’s business skills have seen an upswing as his strategies seem to be working well with Kolkata Knight Riders and in other ventures too.

Emerald gemstone benefits can be seen on Shilpa Shetty Kundra too. She is seen walking around with elegance and witnessing a change in her life ever since she started wearing an Emerald ring.

So now you know the concept behind the Bollywood stars wearing gemstones and what it takes for these celebrities to keep their negativities away and embrace positivity and a happy life.

Genuine gemstones are said to have positive effects on the wearer and their power is believed to immensely bring good luck to those who recognize the importance of gemstones and astrology andrely on them with full faith. Wearing the right gemstone can turn things in your favour but one needs to be patient for its impact to be visible. But if the gemstone suits you, it will help boost your career prospects and bring a positive change to your personal life as well.

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