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Things to keep in mind when buying Astrological Gemstones Online

Things to keep in mind when buying Astrological Gemstones Online

Gone are the days when gemstones were commonly worn as jewellery. With time people have started realizing the immense benefits that it brings along with it and further adorn them for a different purpose i.e. to change their fortune. Perhaps the reason why they hold a wide recognition today for good luck and success.  

Gemstones are believed to have a lot of miraculous powers ranging from an increase in happiness, wealth to emotional stability. They have a special significance in Astrology advised mainly for overcoming any life obstacles. In Astrology, gemstones are remedies for bad phases in life. Astrologers estimate your birth chart and accordingly recommend the best gemstone that ensures overall growth and well being. Although there are certain things to be kept in mind that are equally important to be familiar with while buying astrological gemstones online.

Price Comparison
Compare the prices of 2 gemstones of same weight before taking the final call since it can vary as per the quality and purity. There is a huge astrology gemstones list that makes it even more difficult to decide.

Online shopping here helps a great deal by making it easy to compare the prices and selecting the best gemstone. Also, make the best use of the festive season as there are lots of interesting deals and offers that you can look up to for saving money.

Colour manipulation
The colour of the gemstone is very important to make sure it is pure and not mixed. They come in different colours that enhance their look. The color of a gemstone has following 3 characteristics that we usually refer to:

Hue is the dominant colour of the spectrum such as red, blue and yellow. The best gemstone is the one that has pure color with slight hues of other colours.

The amount of colours present in a gemstone is called Saturation. A gemstone that is strongly saturated is considered valuable as compared to one with little saturation.

Tone represents the lightness or darkness of the gemstone. Medium-light to Medium-Dark is the most valuable range.

The more intense the colour, more valuable is the gemstone.

Gemstone origin
The origin of gemstones interests buyers, although not taken into while purchasing online.

Since gems from certain locations command a premium price and hold more value, having an idea beforehand about the origin is good to avoid any hassles later on.

Treatment of gemstone
There is a treatment process that includes cutting, bleaching, heating and many more to improve the appearance of a gemstone. It is important to know what method has been used for treatment. Generally, the treated gemstones are cheap as compared to non treated gemstone.

Ask for gemstone certificate that gives you the accurate details of the gemstone. It helps to draw comparisons and get insurance. Also, ensure that the gemstone certification is from a recognized lab.

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