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Why is Certification of Gemstones is Important?

Why is Certification of Gemstones is Important?

In today’s competitive world, where authenticity and credibility of a brand matters, so does certified gemstones. Buyers want to take an informed and confident decision before investing into a precious gemstone and thus ask sellers for valid gemstone certification.

Fake Gemstone Certifications

With a plethora of gem-testing laboratories flourishing in the recent few years, it is all the more important to go for a valid gemstone certification. There exist multiple laboratories, which issues a certificate to the vendor at a very low price. But that certificate can be misleading as it is not validated by an authorized body of gemstones.

Moreover, Gemstone treatments are very common these days this process is done so as to make a gemstone look more attractive to sell. Not every gem testing laboratory mentions the treatment on the certificate but we at gemkart.com offer certificates which mentions if there is any enhancement or treatment done to the gemstone. Therefore, the buyer doesn't have to worry about the authenticity of the gemstone. 

Certified Gemstones by Gemkart

A professional experience in gemology matters in this case.
Gemkart provides authentic gemstones certified from laboratories of international repute. We have a team of gemstone experts headed by a professional gemologist from GII (Gemmological Institute of India) and GIA (Gemological Institute of America) with an experience of more than 15 years.

How to Identify Original Gemstones

It is important to note under what parameters are gemstones certified. These include examining the gemstone’s properties such as color, shape, chemical compositions and treatments in details. After these aspects have been analyzed in details, a report is made that contains all information of that gemstone which includes its color, weight, carat, inclusion, treatments, shape, dimensions, clarity etc. and then the certifying authority issues a certificate.

Gemstone Clarity Indicators

The major quality indicators for a gemstone are its cut, color, clarity, carat weight, fluorescence and treatments. These are integral to reflecting the beauty of the gemstone as well as its price. Gemstone testing and grading is undertaken by a laboratory and assessed on various parameters. The stone is measured, evaluated and scrutinized at multiple levels by a team of technical experts. A certification of authentication is then issued by the laboratory based on its evaluation of the gemstone.

So, are you planning to buy certified gemstones online in India?

Before purchasing a gemstone, you should ask for a copy of its certification. This will help you in knowing how authentic the gemstone is and whether it has been examined genuinely at a laboratory of repute.

Visit gemkart.com and buy certified gemstones online in India at the most attractive prices.


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