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How to Buy Genuine Gemstones

How to Buy Genuine Gemstones

In today’s competitive world, there are numerous ways, to select and purchase gemstones; may it be through online platforms or the retail sellers. But many a time after wearing the gemstone, you must have felt that you weren’t getting the desired impact which you had expected out of the gemstone!

Well, this could have happened because the gemstone which you bought was not a genuine one. Therefore, to identify gemstones, it is very important to check a few traits of the gemstone such as its colour, clarity, cut and size etc.

To identify gemstones before you buy astrological gemstones online, look out for the following things:

Colour Check
The first and foremost factor that defines a genuine gemstone is its hue. The purity of the colour, its saturation and the tone’s depth – all play an important role in enhancing the quality of the gemstone.
A gemstone may not be totally perfect, but the one with small to moderate imperfections offers the maximum value. If the cut of the gemstone is good, then its colour will be enhanced and its inclusions minimized. Also a gemstone would require a trivial cut than the average if it has greater colour saturation.
And, before you buy gemstones online, you can ask for details from the vendor about the colour and depth.

Crystal Clear
Clarity of a gemstone says it all. There would hardly be any gemstone that comes without inclusions. The most highly priced ones also contain one or the other inclusion. However, unblemished gemstones are seldom found, and they carry an exorbitant price. Such gemstones that have light to moderate inclusions are the best valued. Emeralds and various gemstones are treated specially to minimize inclusions that could be surface-reaching. Please note that the treatments to gemstones, if any, should be clearly mentioned by the seller.

Cutting edge cut
Gemstones, unlike diamonds, doesn’t have a ‘perfect’ cut which is recommended for magnificent shimmer. But one can recognize a high-value cut from the even colour it reflects, the inclusions it exposes and the weight of the gemstone that it shows when it is configured in the jewelry. The cut also tells us a lot about the overall symmetry and proportion of the gemstone which reflects in its quality. However, if a gemstone has asymmetrical cut, it is likely to be of low-quality.

The right size
One must go in for the right size of the gemstone as per the dimensions. As the carat weight may not be the appropriate factor always to map the gemstone’s size.  Though the visual size of the gemstone may vary as per its shape, one has to go in for the diametrical measurements to get the right fit. Even the density of a gemstone differs as per its appearance and shape. Two similar looking gemstones may have different weights because of varied densities. When buying astrological gemstones online, one should check the product details for the dimensions of the gemstone in the order to get an idea of its weight and density.

Enhancing elements
Most of the gemstones available are either enhanced or synthetic. Many chemicals are used to enhance the colour of the gemstone so that it can be easily sold at a higher price. During the treatment process, the gemstones are being heat up to a certain degree of temperature with different chemicals. The seller should disclose if there is any treatment has been performed on the gemstone. One should avoid buying treated gemstones.

Certification of gemstone
It is important to check the certification and the authorized body of certification. The gemstone should be certified by an established and known gem testing laboratory.

Wondering where to buy gemstones online?
Gemkart is a one stop shop to buy original gemstones online in India. Each gem sold at here are being certified from well recognized laboratories of the world.

We believe in educating our customers about genuine gemstones, so they take an informed decision while buying astrological gemstones online from gemkart.com and get the desired results by selecting the authentic ones.


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