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Pocket-friendly alternatives for 5 Precious Gemstones

Pocket-friendly alternatives for 5 Precious Gemstones

Every individual hope for a life without problems but that isn’t easy to achieve. The best you can do is to find the right way to tackle the problems and overcome them.  This is when precious gemstones come to the rescue. Already popular for its use as a jewelery, the rarest and most precious gemstones also serves the purpose of imparting powers to an individual that can help in leading peaceful and stress-free life. Although the high price can sometimes act as a barrier here when planning to buy these precious gemstones from the market or online. In this scenario, buying affordable semi precious gemstones or uparatna is the best option, as suggested by Vedic Astrologers. Being semi-precious does not mean they are less valuable or less effective. Like precious gemstones, they can be worn as an alternative to get rid of the malefic effects of the ruling planet and thereafter live a happy contented life. In case you aren’t familiar with these affordable gems, mentioned below are the pocket-friendly alternatives for 5 most precious gemstones.

  1. Yellow Sapphire alternative
    The perfect alternative to Yellow Sapphire is Citrine. This radiant looking gemstone is filled with positive energies that removes all the negativity from your mind and reduces depression in the life of the wearer. It provides great health benefits also by curing diseases related to the heart, liver, urinary system and kidneys.

  2. Blue Sapphire alternative
    Iolite-kaka nili gemstone can substitute the most valuable yet expensive Blue Sapphire. It comes in a variety of shades and gives the same benefits like Blue Sapphire. It calms the overactive mind of the wearer and helps in remaining more focused. The alcohol addiction can be overcome and improves the degenerated conditions of the liver.

  3. Opal alternative
    A suitable and affordable alternative for Opal is White Zircon gemstone. Considered as the astrology gemstone of the planet Venus, it eradicates all the negative energies and boosts positivity. The sleep gets better and it becomes easier to focus your mind after adorning this stone.

  4. Pearl alternative
    If the real pearls are slightly out of reach, then you can buy moonstone. This gemstone too derives its properties from the planet Moon and benefits the wearer in several ways. It brings emotional balance and enhances intuition. For someone suffering from Depression or anxiety, it is an excellent gemstone to wear in overcoming this disorder.

  5. Emerald alternative
    Buying a radiant, high clarity emerald can sometimes turn out to an expensive affair. So, an affordable option for it is an Onyx gemstone. The smooth-textured Green Onyx gemstone is much more than meets the eye. Wearing this gemstone can bring positivity, emotional stability and improves sensory and motor nervous system. It also increases your financial strength and ability to stay focused.

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