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Your Gemstone is Certified, but is it Genuine - 5 Tests your Gemstone should pass!

Your Gemstone is Certified, but is it Genuine - 5 Tests your Gemstone should pass!

Are you able to make out the difference between real gemstones and fake gemstones?

With over 200 varieties of gems available online, it’s simply impossible to recognize!  Many people out of ignorance end up buying the fake gemstones and bear the adverse consequences later on in their life.

In addition to this, there are times when in order to fill the demand and supply gap, gemstones are imitated and further sold in the market at a price equivalent to genuine gems. If not an expert, then it isn’t easy for a layman to spot real gemstones.

So, how to identify original astrological gemstones? Here are certain tests that you can carry out easily to know whether your gemstone is genuine or not!

Place your gemstone under artificial light. A genuine gemstone will refract more light and have an even color as compared to fake gemstone.

Any blot in the appearance of the gemstone is referred to as Inclusion. They are the best proof of originality. Needles, clouds, fluids, and crystals are some of the inclusions often found in genuine gemstones. By identifying the type, you can easily tell whether the gemstone is genuine or fake.

You can find out the purity of a gemstone with the help of carat size. More the carat size better will be the purity of a gemstone and vice-versa. Also, ask for the laboratory report of the gemstone for better assurance of the purity.

It’s a very important factor to consider while testing gemstonesand to see whether they are original or not.If someone sells it you at a lower price, then most probably it is not real.  To avoid getting fooled like this, go to different vendors, ask about the present market rate of the gemstone and then take the final call.

Place the gemstone in your hand and feel the surface. If it is too smooth, then it may not be a genuine gemstone but the one which is a bit rough and flawed are real!

Hopefully, the above-mentioned gemstone tests will help you to make a better purchase next time. However, don’t forget to ask for a copy of certification.

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