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The Significance and Effects of Jupiter Transition 2019

The Significance and Effects of Jupiter Transition 2019

Planet Jupiter is known as a highly auspicious planet and a complete revolution takes around 12 years. This means that Jupiter transition happens every year. Vedic astrology considers Jupiter as the mentor or the Guru and is linked to growth and prosperity. It is said to be the mentor of all the Devas. It is considered as a beneficial planet. Jupiter is said to endow the natives with intellect, knowledge, spirituality, success, achievements, growth, prosperity, good luck and fortune. If the position of Jupiter is favorable in the birth chart then the person is blessed with all the heavenly abundances and enjoys great name and fame during his or her lifetime. It is also said that a strong Jupiter is important for anyone to have a child. The reverse results if Lord Jupiter is not favorably placed and it is possible that all of the above is lost. There are remedies to be practiced in the latter case like wearing a Pukhraj or a Yellow Sapphire. Additionally one can also establish the Guru Mantra under Jupiter’s hora on a Thursday. It is also at times suggested to wear the root of the Peepal under Jupiter’s hora for good outcomes. 

Significance of Jupiter Transit in 2019: The planet Jupiter will make the transition in Sagittarius on 5th November 2019. The planet will remain in the position till 29th March 2020. When Jupiter is in a favorable position, it brings about support and aid from your seniors and parents. It is said that a person will answer to all the problems and issues.

Jupiter Transition Effects in 2019: The Jupiter Transit in 2019 is the said to impact all the zodiac signs:

Aries: The transit of Jupiter in 2019 will put it in the ninth house. It is said to bring about great professional success and a great enhancement in the social status of the individuals of this zodiac. A great time will set in as not only will you have great passion and dedication at work but your family front will also remain strong. Monetary gains, a rise in income and also a keen interest in religious affairs will emerge. However, there will be an increase in expenditure on the domestic front. The financial position will remain stable. A natural Yellow Sapphire will be beneficial.

Taurus: The transit of Jupiter in 2019 will position it in the eighth house of the zodiac. There will be health concerns. The transit is said to bring about adverse effects on your bank balance and monetary status. It is advisable that you trust your own instincts and do not make random investments as they may lead to huge losses. You will have a normal work environment although work will not be rewarding and it is still advised that you still focus on your work. Jupiter in the ninth house, and hence heralds a difficult time for married natives. There will be troubles in maintaining peace and harmony in your married life. Travel will not bring the desired results. Natives of this zodiac should wear a Natural Blue Sapphire to tide over the bad energies.

Gemini:  Jupiter transition will place it in the seventh house of this zodiac. It has been predicted that this time will bring on great benefits for a person. There will be some situations that will bring about harmony in your life and other material benefits. The materialistic competition will increase. Calculated and logical steps will bring about the right decision in life. A well-balanced, comfortable and financially stable life will be waiting for you. Health will remain good but the people of this zodiac will have to remain watchful of their expenditure. A great phase for your family life as well. It is recommended the natives should wear a natural Emerald or a natural Peridot.

Cancer: The transit of Jupiter will position it in the sixth house of the zodiac. The transit will not be much pleasure to the Cancerians and will bring about mixed results. There will be progress in business. However, it will be wise to be careful of your words especially in conversation with your immediate seniors. Remain cordial in your approach with your seniors at work or you might get into unwanted arguments and strain your relationship with them. You will also get to spend quality time with your spouse or partner. It is recommended that this zodiac wears a natural Pearl.

Leo: The transit of Jupiter in 2019 will make it rest in the fifth house of the zodiac. You will be constantly mired in different kinds of welfare and other humanitarian activities. The people of this zodiac will be endowed with both the materialistic and spiritual benefits. Your professional life will get a boost and there are chances that you buy a new property or a vehicle. Even on the personal front, you will see an expansion in social life and will form new contacts. It is possible that you participate in various humanitarian and welfare activities. Thus, both materialistic and spiritual benefits are waiting for you. It is suggested a Natural Ruby will be beneficial.

Virgo: The Jupiter transition will position it in the fourth house of the zodiac. This is not a favorable period for you and it is possible that you develop unrest at a personal front. There may be constant fights and arguments in the family. A betrayal from a close friend or relative is also possible. Maintain your poise. Be prepared for upcoming tensions. Be watchful of your expenses as you may face hard times. There will be an adverse effect on your married life as well. A natural Emerald or a natural Peridot will be highly beneficial to ward off the negative effects.

Libra: Jupiter will come to rest in the third house of the zodiac. Not a very positive period. Possibly you might have to change your house due to work concerns. Avoid being lazy. The natives of this zodiac will be facing some hurdles in your growth. The period of transit may leave you with more money as your expenses will be far less than your income. It is possible that you get cheated on your monetary transactions. Avoid disputes with your partner. A natural Emerald is recommended for the natives.

Scorpio: Jupiter transition will position it in the second house of the zodiac. This will herald a period of good luck, growth, and power in life. You can expect huge monetary gains and your financial status will be improved significantly. Also, you will get support from your family in your decisions. Auspicious activities may be carried out in the house and your family bond will grow stronger. Your enemies will not be able to harm you anymore. Scorpio natives will benefit immensely and there will be power in your favor. Luck will be completed by your side and it is possible that you land in your dream job. Your financial status will be further strengthened. However, be watchful of your health as you may become prone to certain diseases.  A natural Yellow Sapphire is recommended for this zodiac.

Sagittarius: The transit will position Jupiter in the first house of the natives of this zodiac. The period of transit will be largely favorable although you may expect some financial losses or loss of a job. Stress will be present and it will be apparent as you might often lose temper. Do not make any hasty decisions. Take calculated steps in the future and be cautious in your approach. Health will remain stable.  A Natural Yellow Sapphire will prove to be highly beneficial.

Capricorn: The Jupiter transit will position it in the twelfth house of the native and may bring in mixed responses. You may take up long journeys and can also spend a substantial amount of time discovering the religious secrets of life. It is possible that you find a solution to all the problems of your life. It is a good time for your finances. Your children will show great progress. Sort out your disputes by communication, without raising any doubts. A natural Blue Sapphire is highly important to bring peace and harmony in life.

Aquarius: The Jupiter transition will position it in the eleventh house of the zodiac. It will bring on a time of great health and profit. Success will be yours in the coming time. A piece of good news and good money are on your way. You will be peaceful and peace will prevail in your personal life. Great opportunities, good news and immense wealth await you. Personal life will be in harmony. The natives will be able to spend a good time with their partners. However, listen to your partner and do not always work on your intuition. Married life will be blissful and it is also good for your health. This is a good time for making new and big investments. These natives should be wearing a natural Blue Sapphire.

Pisces: Jupiter transit will position it in the tenth house of the zodiac. The transit will bring about great benefit. The possibility of a house change is imminent. However, pay heed to your expenses. The health of your mother will increase. Family life will be brimming with peace and harmony. Natives will develop a sound bond with the family. Be watchful about your health and expenses. A natural Yellow Sapphire is highly recommended.

The transit of Jupiter in November is a highly significant event in Vedic astrology and is a major planet the transit is said to bring substantial effects on the natives of different zodiac signs. Gemkart brings you the best quality gemstones that will help you pass the transit period.






Perform Shiv Rudra Abhishek



Donate Pure Desi Ghee on Thursday



Light Camphor Lamp in House



Worship Banana Tree every Thursday



Chant Jupiter Beej Mantra



Donate Sugar to Brahmin or feed chapatis to a cow



Donate Turmeric and Chickpea. Feed Chapatis to a Cow



Chant Jupiter Beej Mantra



Put Yellow Sapphire in a gold ring and wear it on the index finger on Thursday



Keep yellow handkerchief in your pocket and apply Kesar tilak on your forehead



Offer water to the Peepal tree on Thursday morning. Do not touch the tree.



Establish Guru Yantra in your House and worship it daily


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