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Remedies for Pitra Dosh

Remedies for Pitra Dosh

In the modern era, the younger generations believes more on science and technology. They are getting derailed from the traditional beliefs and rituals. Though there is nothing wrong in depending upon science and technology but then there happens to be some instances or incidents in life, for which, even, science or technology don’t have answer for them. One of that instance in astrology is known as Pitra Dosha.

As the name suggests, Pitra meaning ‘forefathers’ is the dosha that appears in the horoscope due to disrespect to parents in the previous life, irresponsibility in handling the duties and misuse of power and position in the previous life.

Pitra Dosha reflects in the birth horoscope,

When Sun/ Moon and Rahu are in the ninth house, the house of father, ancestors and destiny.

When Rahu is located in the prime places or at Trikon in the horoscope.

When Rahu is with Saturn or Jupiter.

When Rahu is in 2nd or Ashtam bhav.

This may lead to several unexpected and unavoidable problems in life. Also, the favourable planets in the horoscope are unable to provide any benefits due to the dominant malefic planets in Pitra Dosha.

What are the negative effects of Pitra Dosh?

Least success in business

Delay in marriage and unhappy marriage life

Problem in conceiving or repeated miscarriage

High financial debts and poverty

Disputes in family

Repeated failure in exams

Accidents or sudden deaths in the family

Children can face mental or physical disabilities

Employment issues

Consumption of drugs

The native might see snakes in dreams

What are the remedies for overcoming Pitra Dosh?

There are some simple remedies for pitra dosha that one can follow to reduce the above-mentioned malefic effects of it in the horoscope.

Plant a banyan tree and offer water it regularly.

Offer food to birds and animals such as crow, cows and street dogs.

Keep fast and perform Shiv Puja on all Mondays during Shravan.

Offer food to Brahmins or the needy people on every Amavasya.

Perform Pitra Dosha Nivaran Puja in accordance with the planetary position of the malefic planets.

Complete Trapandi Shraad.

Worship Lord Vishnu.

Ruby gemstone is also recommended to wear if pitra dosha is present in the birth chart.
This gemstone can strengthen the Sun and eliminate the ill effects of the malefic planets during the Pitra Dosha phase. Wear it embossed in gold or copper ring on Sunday in the ring finger.

Methods of wearing a Ruby gemstone
Wash the ruby gemstone with Ganga Jal and recite the below written Surya mantra 108 times. After wearing it, donate red lentils to the needy and offer water to the Sun to get the maximum benefit. Pour the leftover Ganga Jal in plants or in a running stream.

Finger - Ring
Mantra - “Om Hraam Hreem Hroum Saha Suryaya Namaha”

For buying natural and certified ruby gemstone online, please visit: www.gemkart.com
At Gemkart, we offer the best quality Ruby gemstones enlightened by Vedic astrologers at a reasonable price.

Likewise to know about the effective remedies for diminishing the bad effects of Kaal Sarp Dosha, click here.


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