• Magic of Blue Sapphire

    From last many thousand years, ancient priests and spiritual leaders have considered Blue Sapphire above all gems. It is a stone that was worn by many kings and queens of Royal dynasty throughout the world. Blue sapphire is such a powerful gem that if used properly then it can change the fortune of...

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  • Only Genuine Gemstones have Positive Effects

    If there is Sadhe Sati or Dhaiyya in your horoscope, we need to wear a blue sapphire (Neelam), or if Jupiter is in the second house, we need to have a Yellow Sapphire (Pukhaj) in the index finger. But, the problem comes when we notice that the gem we wear...

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  • Is there an expiry for gemstones? Do Gemstones Expire with Time?

    Gemstones are a blessing of Mother Nature given to humans to seek the planetary blessings by attracting their energies. Not only stones can qualify as a gemstone. For any particular gemstone to reach that grade, it has to show three attributes namely- precious, rare and durable.

    However, if we go by that logic, it will...

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  • Can I wear Blue Sapphire in Gold? Read to know the best metal.

    Blue Sapphire is one of the priced gifts of Mother Nature and considered as the rarest mineral to be found on Earth. It belongs to the corundum family and comes in different shades of blue which makes it a real treat to be spotted in natural settings. The gemstone is said to...

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  • Because Faith Should Not Be Blind!

    Gemstones are the beautiful gifts of nature to mankind. Since ancient times, they have been adorned the kings and royalty. Astrology says that these wonderful and genuine gemstones in nature have the power to alleviate the natives from any problems emanating in one’s life due to the planetary combination at the time of the birth...

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  • Experience best gemstones with Gemkart at  incomparable prices

    Every gemstone is precious and unique. As much as they impress us with their lustre, so do they make us proud owners through their impressive qualities. The way these sparkling pieces of stones can impact our lives is for all to see! The more we value them the more they are worth. And what is...

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