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8 Step Guide to Buy Gemstones Online

8 Step Guide to Buy Gemstones Online

Online shopping has evolved into a popular trend as it saves time and is the most convenient way to buy things just by few clicks. But when it comes to buying genuine gemstone online, it is not an easy task. You need to discern every detail of the gemstones before buying or else it may disappoint you later. 80% of fake gemstones are selling online in the name of natural gemstones; as a result, many people claimed that the product they buy online is not what they receive.

To avoid fake gemstones/seller, here are some important steps to help you purchase genuine gemstone online.

1. Colour: Buying genuine gemstones online and not meeting the expectation would be the saddest thing. In most cases, the colour of the gemstones on various gemstone selling websites is not the same when receiving it. That may be because the pictures were edited or enhanced to look flawless and beautiful, so that they can easily be traded. Before choosing any gemstones, you need to ask the selling website if the gemstone colour shown on the website look similar to the actual gemstone, if there is any colour enhancement or improvement done on the image.

We, Gemkart value your needs, so we try our best to match the actual colour of the gemstones with that of the picture. The pictures you see on Gemkart are not enhanced. Also the stone itself is natural and not enhance by artificial means like gem treatments.   

2. Clarity:  To judge the authenticity of a gemstone, clarity is an important factor you need to examine. Most of the natural gemstone shall have one or many inclusions. These inclusions help in identifying the gemstone and also helps in identify if a gemstone is natural or treated. So, always buy gemstones having little or some inclusion because the inclusion in gemstones proves its originality. If you see clear gemstones, avoid it for the chances of treatment or fake are high. To read on gemstone inclusions, click here.

We, Gemkart are proud to provide 100% natural and genuine gemstones which are free from treatments.

3. Picture: Gemstone photography plays an important role to display the actual look of gemstones. Look for the best picture that is clear enough to show natural colour, clarity, cut and size of the gemstone.

But it is not an easy task to take perfect picture. We all know that when we click pictures, it doesn’t always come out the way we expect it to be, even if the camera is good. In case of gemstones, it is more difficult to take a perfect picture that match its colour, clarity, cut and size with the actual stone. The quality of the picture depends on the photography as well as the efforts of the photographer.

We, at Gemkart do our best to give you the accurate picture of every gemstone. Our photographers are well-trained and well-equipped. The picture you see is a reflection of our dedication and hard-work. Behind the scene, we spent a reasonable amount of time, effort, patience and care to get the actual appearance of each gemstone. We assure that the picture you see is not enhance or edited. And moreover, we photograph gems under natural day light, and we always try to avoid artificial lighting.

4. Certificate: Here comes the most important thing that confirms you the genuineness of the gemstones. Certificate verifies the quality of a stone and adds values to your purchase. So, when buying genuine gemstones online, always confirm that the certificate is from the independent or establish gem lab.

We, guarantee the quality and authenticity of our gemstone. At Gemkart, we provide multiple certificates issued by the Gemmological Institute of India (GII) and Gemmological Institute of America (GIA), International Gemmological Institute (IGI), International Testing Laboratory Gems and Jewellery (ITLGJ), Jaipur and Asiatic Centre of Gemmological Services (ACGS), Mumbai etc.

5. Origin: To discern the genuine natural gemstones, you need to be well cognizant of its best sources. For example, best Yellow Sapphire comes from Sri-Lanka and Burma, Thailand, Australia, Madagascar etc. However, Sri-Lankan Yellow Sapphire is acclaimed to be the best quality one because of its colour and clarity consistency.

We are proud to say that all our gemstones directly come from the mines. Because we have reliable relationships with miners, we promised to serve you with the best genuine gemstones and at best rates.

6. Description:  Just by going through the description, you will get to know the details and information of the respective gemstone and therefore it will help you choose your desired product. It is advisable to buy a gemstone whose description is mentioned on the page because that is the information related to that specific gemstone.

7. Creditability: Trust is the most important thing in buying genuine gemstone online. Before you proceed to buy, it is wise to check the website, you are buying from is a trusted reputed brand or not. To make sure, you can simply talk to the customer care to examine whether the seller provides real address, phone no. and e-mail id.

Gemkart is a well- trusted online store and is the best place to buy genuine gemstones online. We worked in collaboration with GIA and we are one of the 10000 members of GJEPC (Gem Jewellery Export Promotion Council), and moreover, we are in the business of gems and jewellery since 2003. We have our team of astrologers and gemologist who grade and examine the gems before they are presented on the website.

8. Return Policy: Not every online store has return policy. But a legitimate company will definitely have return policy. For safe purchase of genuine gemstone, examine the return policy of the company. Before you proceed to buy, make sure if the seller has return policy or not.

We, Gemkart wish happily accept returns if the buyer doesn’t like the product. You can read about our return and refund policy here

At Gemkart, have always adhered to great gemstone quality as we bring you the best gemstones directly from the mines. You may visit our website or just give us a call and we will help you with all your queries.






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