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All you need to know about the Free Gemstone Kit by Gemkart

All you need to know about the Free Gemstone Kit by Gemkart

The use of gemstones is not only restricted to jewellery. They possess some great magical powers as well that can change the fortune and brings positivity into your life. Every gemstone is ruled by one of the nine planets that affect our energy levels. To balance the effects, gemstones are worn that helps to solve your astrological problems and ward off all the negative energies.

Now, what is important here is to wear certified gemstones under the guidance of a trusted astrologer. If you still haven’t come across any gemstone brand online that offers the same, then your search finally ends here! At Gemkart, we offer certified gemstones online India at best prices without compromising on product quality. It has the largest collection of gemstones under one site. Once you buy from us, we provide a free gemstone kit which consists of:

  1. Yantra of the respective planet

    They are a graphical representation of a particular geometrical design, all connected with the nine planets. It can be used to get rid of any negative energy and reduce any stress caused by the respective planet. The circle in the yantra showcases the element of water, the square symbolizes earth, triangles symbolizes fire, diagonal lines symbolize air, horizontal lines depict water again, points or dots depict ether and the vertical lines depict fire. You need to worship the yantra inside a puja room along with respective mantra for driving away all the negative influences of the respective planet.

This mentions how to wear a gemstone, which day to wear, what to donate and which mantra to recite.
For example, for wearing ruby gemstone, you need to wash it first with Ganga Jal and then recite the mantra “Om Hraam Hreem Hraum Sah Sooryaay Namah.” After wearing it, donate red lentils to the needy people, offer water to the sun and respect your parents. The best day to wear is Sunday.

  1. Ganga Jal

    We provide holy water from the River Ganges originating from Himalayas that removes all sorts of negativity. The water is considered sacred and essentially used for various reasons such as to purify gemstones before wearing them, in Puja and Yagna, to bring positivity in life and to get rid of sins fully.

  1. It contains rich minerals that have great healing and self-cleaning properties. Even Indian Environmentalists agree to this as the water never gets contaminated or looses goodness even after storing it in closed utensils for years! These are not baseless facts rather supported by thorough scientific research studies that make Ganga Jal one of the most sanctified water in the world!

As the Yantras & Mantras are considered quite powerful in astrology, our free kit will help you to reap the maximum benefit from the gemstone and also, your planet gets strengthened further!


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