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Why Natural Gemstones are Expensive?

Why Natural Gemstones are Expensive?

Natural Gemstones are nature’s gift to human to help them in various endeavors in life. Their importance lies in their magnificent facets which holds the power of various planets. It is no hidden truth that these little sparkling pieces of stones can have a magical influence on our life. Our entire existence is enhanced with the astrological powers it holds and we are blessed with the feeling of bliss and satisfaction. If at all you are going through any rough patch in life, or there is something which is just not working for you despite your best efforts, take heart!! The answers are already there given by nature, in the form of astrology, spelt by gemstones. All you need to place your faith in them and see the magic unfold.

Gemstones are everywhere however, it is difficult to get to the ones which are real as it is the right stone which will have the right influence. The amazing facts associated with these have given rise to many imitation products which of course come at affordable prices. Natural gemstones are costly although the effects which they have are simply priceless. However, let’s just find out why the costs are high:

Rarity: Real gemstones are worn by people from all across the world for appeal and healing properties along with many other magical benefits which are hard to explain in a few lines. The average life of an emerald aka Panna is about 5 million years and the nature takes about a million year to make a sapphire which is also known as Neelam, pukhraj, padparadscha. There are many different gemstones in this world but each one is unique in its own way. More than just beautiful, these striking gems are valuable due to their construct and their rarity. There are more than 4000 naturally occurring minerals on this Earth that we know of. These minerals commonly develop from the cooling of molten rock or magma but it’s what they can become that is particularly intriguing. When clusters of minerals form, or different combinations come together, they can develop into precious natural resources such as gold, tin, iron, marble, and granite. Many minerals also form beautiful crystals, with the most sought after being the gemstones. While uncut gemstones are arguably plain in appearance, once cut to shape and polished, they display the beauty and appeal that has seen them become so desirable. Historically gemstones have been categorized into two distinctive classes; precious and semiprecious stones. It is this fact which has made them increasingly rare and hard to find and thus apparently added to the costs. The ground rule is that the rarer the stone is, the higher will its price be. Although many gemstones can be produced outside of Mother Nature’s gemstone mines, these are not as valuable as natural stones found in the earth Endurance: Endurance of a gemstone is much more than its hardness or the ability to resist pressure. Diamonds known to man as the hardest substance are not very durable. Ruby or sapphire, on the other hand, with no cleavage are found to have greater endurance.

Demand and Supply: Both share a tom and jerry relation and are always chasing each other. When demand is high and the supply is low, there is always a run on the production which pushes the prices up. Gemstones are formed over ages, so the gemstones that are available now are likely to be the only ones we have in this lifetime. Many mines around the world are empty because we have already shelled out the available supply of gemstones. The cost of mining continues to escalate as the supply of the natural gemstones shrinks. Miners have to go deeper and deeper into the earth’s surface in order to find these natural gemstones. This will cause gemstones to continue to grow in value as time goes on.

Beauty: Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. It is an individual choice. Value of gemstones also lies in their aesthetic appeal. Precious gemstones apart from other factors are also sold for beauty.

There is no price of abundance, success, and happiness. They are priceless and any investment made to ensure these in your life is worth the deal. Think of natural gemstones as your passport to a better life apart from their beauty. They are precious and an asset which you will cherish all your life. Price does matter but not when you are buying prosperity and abundance. Gemstones have the power to transform your lives.

They are endowed with magic which can work wonders. It is all how much you believe the little sparkle and also if you adhere to all the details about how and when to wear it. You may refer to our blog for more information on this and see which is the best one for you. Lastly, at Gemkart, we strongly believe in the value and bring you the best quality of natural gemstones.

Gemkart has grown to be the best place to buy gemstones online. We offer genuine natural gemstones direct from the mines and make them undergo eight different types of tests just to ensure that you get the best- all that at a reasonable price without compromising with the quality. At Gemkart, we assure you that you will get a natural gemstone without heating and treatment.


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