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How a Fake Gemstone can have Adverse Effects on you

How a Fake Gemstone can have Adverse Effects on you

When it comes to our Indian culture, Gemstones have a very special significance. Since the time when we were born, the common notion that floats everywhere is that gemstones can alter the destiny, and this certainly stands true till date! The astrological benefits that it brings along with it have strengthened the faith of people a lot. However, looking at the growing popularity amidst people, there is also a need to be aware of the fake gems that can actually have many adverse effects on you and your life.


What are Fake gemstones?

Any stone made from material quite similar to original gemstones, both engineered and standard are called fake gemstones. It’s not easy to differentiate between the two, and also, won’t burn a hole in your pocket as compared to buying original gemstones online or from the market.


What are its bad effects?

There’s no denying the fact that gemstones have the power to change lives and bring fortunes if one believes in it and adorns them properly. The market is booming as India is the third largest jewelry consumer worldwide! Seeing this as an opportunity, many dealers and astrologers having started to supply fake gems to their clients. If sources are to be believed, even 1 Mukhi Rudraksha to 11 Mukhi Rudraksha fakes are being manufactured. Now, the big concern here is that people have no clue about the adverse impact it can have in future. Some of them have been mentioned below.

  • By invoking destructive energies it can lead to a lot of chaos in your life

  • They prevent the entry of planets’ cosmic light and then the same doesn't get transferred to the wearer.

  • If you continue wearing them, then gradually you become more exposed to bad results.

  • Your mental and physical health starts deteriorating.

  • Your happiness starts getting affected.

  • Since the vendor has less original gemstones in stock, so at times they end up selling it at a higher price to the client.


How to identify fake gems from original gemstones?

A few basic characteristics, like color, shape, surface of the stone, etc helps a great deal in identifying the difference. Other than this, check the pricing whether it’s reasonable or not. Nowadays buying original gemstones online can be tricky! So, be extra careful if it is too cheap or too expensive.

Ignorance isn’t bliss here since people wear gemstones to bring positive changes in their life and drive away negative forces if any. Therefore, utmost care must be taken while spending money and efforts on them. For buying certified original gemstones online, check our website - gemkart.com, as we believe in offering good quality gemstones at reasonable rates.

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