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Can Planets Affect Your Investments

Can Planets Affect Your Investments

Investments in stocks and assets are the expertise of a financial adviser. Based on the past performance and various data, a financial adviser projects the future of investments. Could that future be told through the complexity of planetary positions aka astrology?

Many economists, business tycoons have taken the help of the planetary positions to time the market. JP Morgan, the famous financier, banker, and businessperson famously said, “Millionaires don’t need astrologers, billionaires do.” This might mean that there are some underlying facts of astrological belief that made him prosperous in an exceedingly magnificent way. So, do humans have regulation on investments and financial matters or the super power holds control over the economy?

Since Vedic times, people have believed in Astrologers and many cultures considered it as a system and traditional belief. Many successful people claimed that astrological predictions are true and it changes their life in an incredible way.  

It is an undeniable fact that success comes by hard work and wise decisions. But, not all people can accomplish their expected success even after an extreme hard work to the point of mental breakdown. On the other hand, some people are fruitful in every decision they take that elevates their success steps one after another and consequently reach the highest peak in a short period of time. It seems there is a mystery staircase of success revealed only for them, as there is something in them rather than hard work. Many people think it’s because of their luck but have you ever thought of why they are lucky and not you? To your surprise, most of the successful people have firm belief in Astrology and before taking any life changing decision they consult the astrologers and take their advice wear various gems link blue sapphire, yellow sapphire, emerald, ruby, etc.


The life of JP Morgan and his faith is a fine example of the importance of Astrology. He was a Billionaire in his era that founded the now famous JP Morgan Chase and co., American Multinational Investment Bank and financial services holding company. The said company is the largest bank in the US and 6th largest bank in the world. Not only his success but also his precious life was once saved for he took the advice of an Astrologer. Even after he booked the Titanic voyage, he had to cancel his ticket at the last minute. After all, he credited everything to Astrology.

In this generation where Astrology is not taken seriously, the life of JP Morgan reawakes the faith once again. Also, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that the more people are successful, they tend to have stronger belief in Astrology. So, People need to prioritize Astrology in their life because of their own benefits in every area of their life. There is none, not a single person who says they want to live the same like they were a year back.  Now is the right time to begin your faith towards astrology and gemstones so that you will experience your life changes in a wondrous way.

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