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Do Gemstones have Inclusions

Do Gemstones have Inclusions

Inclusions are clarity characteristics enclosed within a gemstone. It is present in more or less every gemstone and appears in various shapes and forms. These natural inclusions usually occur during the formation of gems under or over the earth. They play an important part in the identification of a gemstone, whether natural or synthetic.

There is a common misconception that gemstone having inclusions are not good. That is not necessarily true. In colored gemstone like sapphire, ruby, garnet, etc inclusions of rutile needles create a beautiful star, also known as asterism phenomena. Because of the presence of these inclusions, the prices of gemstones with asterism increases ten-fold. So, inclusions are not bad. They are part of precious gemstones. Inclusions also help in identifying the origin of a gemstone. For example, small cloud-like inclusions that scatter light and distinct brush-stroke like inclusions are typical of a Kashmir Sapphire.

It is justified then to say that the gemstone inclusions bring value and adds to their beauty. They can rather turn out to be more valuable than you think!

Some external and internal flaws are found in gemstones. The flaws that occur on the outside due to external environmental factors are called external flaws. The examples are scratches, fractures and blemishes that might affect the appearance of the gemstone.

Flaws that are found inside the gemstone are called internal flaws or inclusions. Formed naturally, these natural inclusions define gemstone quality and provide insights into its origination.

Types of Gemstone Inclusions

  1. Included Crystal

    An included crystal is a mineral crystal trapped within a gem as it grows. It can be a crystal of the same mineral as the surrounding gem or a different mineral. It might be angular or rounded or can be light, dark, transparent or opaque.

  2. Negative Crystals

    Sometimes, a gem might contain features that look like mineral inclusions, but aren’t. They’re angular and hollow, and usually contain a liquid or a gas, or both. These are negative crystals.

  3. Liquid Inclusion

    Some gemstones possess unique internal cavities that are filled with water or saline

  4. 2 Phase and 3 Phase inclusions

    The liquid inclusion might contain a liquid and a gas which makes it a two-phase inclusion. If it contains one or more crystals, a liquid and gas, it’s a three-phase inclusion.

  5. Needle

    A long, thin inclusion that can be a solid crystal or a hollow tube that might be filled with liquid or gas.

  6. Silk

    Group of fine needle-like inclusions.

  7. Fingerprint

    Inclusions that form a pattern that often resembles a human fingerprint.

  8. Feather

    A feather is any separation or break that includes cleavage, parting, and fracture.

  9. Growth zoning 

    is visible evidence of a crystal’s growth process.

  10. Cloud

    Any hazy or milky areas that cannot be described as a feather, fingerprint, or included crystals or needles are known as Cloud.

  11. Pinpoints 

    are small inclusions completely enclosed in a gem.

  12. Cavity

    A cavity is an opening that extends into the gem from the surface. Cavities might result when an included crystal is removed during the cutting process.

Gemstone Clarity

The absence of inclusions in gemstones is referred to as gemstone clarity. At Gemkart, a qualified gemologist grades the clarity of a gemstone by examining it from top to bottom.

Grade 1
IF (Internally Flawless): This clarity in gemstones is extremely rare. No inclusions and only blemishes are visible.

Grade 2
VVS 1 (Very Very Small Inclusions) and VVS 2 (Very Very Small Inclusions 2): Inclusions are difficult to see.

Grade 3

VS1 (Very Small Inclusions) and VS2 (Very Small Inclusions 2): Inclusions are minor and range from difficult to somewhat easy to see.

Grade 4
SI 1 (Slightly Included) and SI 2 (Slightly Included 2): Inclusions are visible.
Grade 5
I (Included): 
Inclusions are very noticeable and may affect transparency.

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