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Experience best gemstones with Gemkart at  incomparable prices

Experience best gemstones with Gemkart at incomparable prices

Every gemstone is precious and unique. As much as they impress us with their lustre, so do they make us proud owners through their impressive qualities. The way these sparkling pieces of stones can impact our lives is for all to see! The more we value them the more they are worth. And what is valued more is also highly priced. We, at www.gemkart.com, offer the best quality genuine gemstones, and that too at very competitive prices. The price of a gemstone is majorly determined by four factors – its color, clarity, carat weight and cut.

The more vivid and saturation the color is, the higher the price of a Gemstone. Colored gemstones usually have tiny eye visible inclusions, and the presences of these inclusions are a sign that a gemstone is natural. Absolutely flawless gemstones are rare and more valuable. 

Apart from colour, clarity, carat weight, cut, another factor, which can determine the price, is 'rarity'. A more rare gemstone will fetch a higher price. Precious Gemstones like, ruby, sapphire, emeralds are also command higher price then semi-precious gemstones.

What matters is the quality, its make and rarity of the gemstone. We make concerted efforts to bring the best gemstones to you at peerless prices.

How do we keep the prices low?

We indulge in ‘Direct procurement’ of the gemstones! https://gemkart.com/, we aim at reducing the intermediaries in the procurement process of the gemstones. Direct relationship with the gem miners, importers, and other channels across the globe, help us bring the best original gemstones to you. Direct sourcing and less time in procuring the gemstones enable us to price them competitively. With direct sourcing from the miners, we eliminate the multiple levels of intermediaries and thus, allowing us to negotiate better price. The longer the supply chain the higher would be the price of the gemstone. Our aim is to provide the original gemstones to you at matchless prices. By keeping the intermediaries at bay, we ensure that you shell out at least 25% less on the mark up price, which is escalated by their presence.

Unparalleled prices at Gemkart

We assure you that we bring genuine gemstones from across the world, and procure them from authentic sources. We also focus on offering the rarest of rare and top quality gemstones, at unparalleled prices. We, at Gemkart, understand your needs and offer a plethora of variants of rare gemstones. The rare the gemstone, the more expensive it is. Precious gemstones such as ruby, sapphire, emeralds, and diamonds attract higher prices than semi-precious gemstones. With us, you can be sure of the right prices for the right gemstones. No matter how rare it is, we make it available for you, and it doesn’t weigh too much on your pocket.

Vivid range

We also attain natural gemstones from the miners and importers. Natural gemstones command a higher price than the gemstones which undergo some treatments for enhanced beauty. We assure you of the genuineness of our gemstones and a vivid price range, which is non-parallel.

Gemstones are priceless and can create a difference in our lives if used in the right manner. https://gemkart.com/ is the right place to buy your gemstones from! Come and explore the shimmering world of gemstones with us, at the price just right for you.


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