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Gemstone Certification: A First Hand Experience

Gemstone Certification: A First Hand Experience

Is Your Gem Certified From A Reputed Laboratory


Selling certified gemstone has become a norm these days. Every buyer always asks the seller, if the gemstone is certified or not. And buyer feels confident when he/she gets to know that it is certified.


But the question comes. What is the validity of a certificate and moreover what is the authenticity of the gem-testing laboratory? Unfortunately, in India, there are no mandatory guidelines or control over setting up a gem laboratory. Any person who has a printer, lamination machine and a 10x loupe can start a laboratory. With a mere expenditure of less then Rs.50,000 a gemstone laboratory can be set up.


Actually, gemstone rating and identification of a gemstone is not an easy task. You have to have professional gemology background and experience of many years in the field. During my trip to a major gem-trading city in India, I have found that some gem testing laboratories were certifying gems with a fee of just Rs.30. I was shocked to know that!! Moreover, the owner of that so-called laboratory himself didn’t have much knowledge about gemstones. Though he was aware of how to ‘copy’ and ‘paste’ from google on to his computer.


It is a very sad scene. The buyer who is ready to put his hard earned money in purchasing a gemstone, does the gem traders provide an authentic certification report to the buyer? The answer to this is 90% of dealers are not.


At gemkart, we believe in selling gems, which are certified from reputed laboratories. Myself am a professional gemologist from GII and GIA and have experience of more then 15 years. So when you buy from us, I assure you that you get the right product with a genuine certificate from a reputed laboratory.




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