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Gemstone Myths Busted!

Gemstone Myths Busted!

Apart from having mystical powers, gemstones have a fascinating history that can generate curiosity in anybody’s mind. It is interesting that the ancients wore gemstones to protect themselves from any harm. There are many such stories related to gemstones and their effects if you continue to explore their history. The more you dig deep, the more you’ll be amazed at the glorious gemstone mythology and how each gemstone played an important role throughout history.

However, there are certain gemstone superstitions and myths that need to be separated from truth. As one of the best sellers of certified and genuine gemstones online, we would like to throw light on some gemstone myths to avoid confusion and false beliefs, if any!

Myth:All Keshi pearls are natural pearls.
Truth:No. As compared to natural pearls which are formed by chance, Keshi pearls are a natural by-product of the culturing process that involves human intervention.

Myth: Citrine is referred to as Yellow Sapphire.
 This is incorrect. Both are completely different gemstones. Unlike Yellow Sapphire (Pukhraj), Citrine hasn’t got the same hardness, same chemical formula and not even got the same astrological solutions.

Myth: Diamond, Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald are precious gemstones.
Truth: That’s not true since the actual traditional list has the names of many other gemstones too.

Myth: Gemstones are for rich people only!
 The price of a gemstone is solely dependent on carat, cut, clarity and inclusions. If you are able to get a high-quality gemstone that has numerous benefits, it will definitely turn out to be one of the best investment decisions in the future.

 Myth: Only gemstone origination can determines their quality.
 Not true. Since Burma has produced rubies in different qualities ranging from bright red to dull, vague material. Also, Madagascar has produced an equal quality of rubies. Various other factors like tone, saturation, hue, clarity and cutting determines the quality of a gem.

Myth: Wear used gemstones for astrological benefits.
 Many gemstones lure the customers to buy used gemstone which has same benefits as the new one.Where else you must never wear a used gemstone because it loses its healing properties due to prior use.

Myth: ‘Breath Test’ is an effective way to check if a gemstone is real.
This method is unreliable. Even authentic gemstones like Sapphire will fog up when you breathe on it, due to its high thermal conductivity.

Myth: Zirconia and Zircon are the same gemstones.
Truth: Both are used as an alternative to imitate the appearance of diamond but don’t have any similarity - be it chemically, optically or structurally.

Myth: Any gemstone can scratch a diamond.
Truth: Diamond being the hardest of all gem minerals on the Moh’s hardness scale, no other gemstone can scratch a diamond. Only a diamond can scratch a diamond.

Myth: Pearls are formed in Oysters or Mussels only
No doubt that themajority of the pearls are produced by Oysters or Mussels. Although some pearls are produced by sea snails such as Strombas Gigas and Haliotis Iris as well.

Hope this will break all the gemstones myths that you had in your mind till now. In case of any doubt, ask a professional gemologist before making any assumptions.

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