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How to save a marriage that is falling apart?

How to save a marriage that is falling apart?

As you embark on the journey of a lifetime i.e Marriage, there is always a lot of excitement and anticipation for what lies ahead. Sometimes it doesn’t end up meeting the expectations and that’s when conflicts arise between the couple. You try to make adjustments and compromises in order to make the relationship work, but after a certain point you may feel like giving up!

Gemstones can be a game changer here. It can help to heal the relationship, sustain love and makes the journey easy. You’ll certainly come across many relationship tips and advice online but for ensuring lifelong peace and harmony in a marriage, gemstones are one of the best solutions.

If you want to know about the different gemstones for love and marriage, please continue reading our blog.

  • Yellow Sapphire
    For marital bliss, wearing yellow sapphire-pukhraj is beneficial. This gemstone carries the energy of planet Jupiter symbolic of relationship, wisdom and knowledge and bestows the same on the wearer in the form of a mature and understanding life partner. It brings stability and longevity to the marriage which helps the couple grow together.

  • Ruby
    As one of the most precious gemstone, Ruby fills the life of a wearer with love and happiness. It intensifies the romance in a marriage which is important to keep the spark alive. The wearer also acquires good communication skills which brings more clarity in order to solve any marital problem.

  • Rose Quartz
    Rose Quartz is considered the stone of unconditional love. The wearer begins to open up the heart so that they can shower their partner with love. It brings warmth and encourages compassion–both are important traits that help in better understanding your partner and restore love.

  • Emerald
    To restore lost love in a marriage, wear an Emerald gemstone. It reduces marital problems by invoking feelings of love and passion in an individual. The stone also facilitates communication between the couples which builds more trust and faith in a relationship.

Each gemstone mentioned above can be worn as a ring or a necklace. But it is very important to know about the procedure for wearing a gemstone, which gemstone to wear in which finger, what is the right metal to wear gemstones, etc to attract right positive energy and save a marriage from falling apart.

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