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Navratna Gemstones for Navratri Festival

Navratna Gemstones for Navratri Festival

Navratri festival 2018 is just around the corner! Everybody is gearing up to welcome Goddess Durga in their homes and celebrate the victory of good over evil. This auspicious festival will start from 10th October and will continue till 18th October with Dussehra following the next day.

It is basically a festival of nine days where nine forms of Maa Durga are worshipped to attain spiritual bliss. Though the importance of Navratri varies across different parts of the country, the belief remains the same that celebrating with utmost devotion brings prosperity and happiness in an individual’s life. In addition to this, wearing navratna gemstones during this festive season can amplify the spiritual benefits all the more! The precious nine navratnas share a holy connection with the nine manifestations of Maa Durga that can help to absorb the cosmic vibes from the planets during Navratri. To know about the navratna for each day of the festival in detail, continue reading our blog.

  1. 1st Day
    It is believed that Maa Shailputri who is the first manifestation of Maa Durga presides over the Navaratna - Ruby or Manik. Wearing this gemstone that is ruled by the planet Sun can bless the wearer with improved social & professional status, immense power and increased wealth.

2nd Day
Maa Brahmcharini is the second form of Goddess Durga. She is a meditation Goddess, who gives freedom from Krodh, and gives peace. Both of these features which can be achieved by wearing a white Pearl aka sucha moti. This gemstone endows the wearer with calmness and improves thinking capacity.

3rd Day
Maa Chandraghanta is the third manifestation of Devi Durga and is worshipped on the third day of Navratri. She gives devotees the strength to fight challenges, keep the negative energy away and eradicates all the troubles from an individual’s life. All this can be further amplified by wearing a Red Coral aka moonga on this day. This gemstone reduces the malefic effects of Mars in one's horoscope and provides the wearer immense courage and vitality to overcome any hurdle.

4th Day
Worshipped on the fourth day of Navratri is Maa Kushmanda who is believed to improve health and bestow devotee with wealth and strength. It presides over the blue sapphire or neelam, that share the same features by bringing immense wealth, good health and longevity.

5th Day
Maa Skandmata’s, one of the Navadurga is worshipped on the fifth day of Navratri. She awards devotees with power, prosperity and wisdom. These features can be achieved by wearing an emerald or panna gemstone. It is associated with the planet Mercury which corresponds to wealth, power and intellect.

6th Day
Wearing yellow sapphire on the auspicious occasion of Navratri can help the wearer imbibe in the blessings of Mother Katyayani, the sixth manifestation of Devi Durga. Along with this, it is also known to bring prosperity, knowledge and good luck in the life of a wearer.

7th Day
The seventh day is dedicated to Maa Kalratri who is considered the fiercest form of the Devi Durga. She is believed to make her devotees fearless and free from all negative energies. This presides over the Cat’s eye gemstone that can be worn on this day to amplify the blessings. It makes one courageous and reduces the malefic effects of the of ‘Ketu’ planet.

8th Day
The eighth day is dedicated to Maa Mahagauri who when worshipped with true dedication blesses devotees with a healthy, prosperous and affluent life. To imbibe her blessings, wear Opal gemstone which enhances financial prosperity with having luxuries life

9th Day
The last among the nine forms of Devi Durga is Maa Siddhidatri. She can make all the dreams come true and help cross the ocean of miseries in life. All this can be further amplified by wearing a garnet or gomed gemstone. It protects the wearer from the negative vibes & energies and blesses with happiness.

Since ages, the Vedic Astrology has emphasized the benefits of navratna stones. If you haven’t experienced yet, wear them during this Navratri to fully harness the power of Goddess Durga and bring good fortune.

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