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How to Check Original Gemstone?

How to Check Original Gemstone?

Why You Should Avoid Wearing Treated Gemstones.

Imagine two farmers, A & B, who cultivate vegetables at their farm. Farmer A, follows organic method to produce them. Thus, he avoids using harmful chemicals and fertilizers. Farmer B, uses various chemicals to increase the yield, thus spoiling the soil and the vegetables to gain more profit. 

Naturally grown organic vegetables at farmer A's farm takes more time to grow as compare to the vegetables grown using fertilizers, and chemicals. But due to the use of chemicals, farmer B produces more yield but it is less nutritious and also reduces body's physical and mental growth.

This similar story applies to gemstones as well. A natural gemstone grows in the womb of nature and it takes about hundreds, thousands, and sometimes even million of years to form a gemstone. This natural gemstone which has grown without any human intervention has gone through time lapse of various generations, temperature, seasons, natural disasters. With times, it gain power to withstand with time. Thus, the natural gemstones which has possessed power through nature helps the wearer to withstand bad times. 

Gemstones treatment has become a common method of enhancing the colour and clarity of gemstones. The emergence of counterfeit gemstones has made people confuse hard to decide whether a particular gemstone is treated or not. Moreover, people go for the lower prices treated gemstone for Astrological proposes without the knowledge of its side-effects. That’s where the problem starts.

So, let’s see what are treated gemstones?

Gemstones are minerals that are found in nature like rocks. They are the raw crystals but transformed into beautiful gemstones by cutting their shapes and polishing to obtain the brilliance and luster that adds value, so to be used as astrological remedy or for aesthetics. Treatment is a human controlled process, beyond cutting and polishing, that improved the appearance, durability, or a value of a gem. Some of the most common treatments are heat, irradiation, dye, fracture filling etc.

How to check original gemstones?

A real gemstone can be identified by using different gemological instruments. Though there are plenty of instruments but to name a few, they are, 10x loupe, refractometer, spectroscope, dichroscope, filtered ultra-violet lamp, and microscope. Old methods like scratching a gemstone or putting the gemstone under fire, should be avoided as they may damage the gem.

Why gemstones are treated?

Gemstones are treated not just to enhance the colour and clarity but for durability and to produce maximum supply. The treatment of gemstones is a common trend in today’s world. 80% of the gems are treated some way or the other.  There is a high demand of treated gemstones as they are affordable and beautiful for ornamental wear.  

Heating in gemstones is mostly common type of treatment. It is mainly done to lighten, darken or alter the colour of gemstones. Gemstones like Sapphires, Rubies, Amethyst, Tourmaline, Amber, Citrine, Tanzanite, Zircon, Aquamarine, Blue topaz are commonly heat treated to improve the colour and dissolve inclusions. Sapphires are heated to improve the intensity of blue colour and lesser quality Rubies to obtain uniform and desirable red colour.

Aquamarines, zircon, amethyst, topaz and peral are often heated or irradiated to change or intensify their colour such as colourless to yellow quartz becomes smokey brown, purple amethyst or rose quartz; colourless topaz turns to brown, blue or green topaz; colourless zircon turns to brown, black colour zircon; greenish blue aquamarine becomes light blue colour aquamarine; violet amethyst becomes yellow citrine; light colour Pearl becomes gray to black pearl.

The cracks in the gemstones are filled by glassy substance to enhance the clarity. Low graded crack diamond is often filled with high refractive glassy Substances. Coloured oil or synthetic resins are used to hide the inclusions in Emeralds. Spotted cultured pearl are bleached with hydrogen peroxide and lower quality pearl turquoise, onyx , lapis lazuli, quartz, emerald, ruby are dyed to enhance the appearance.

Side-effects of treated gemstones:

Gemstone treatment is widely used as an ornamental stone but highly prohibited for Astrological proposes. If you use treated low quality gemstones for Astrological purposes or Jyotish Gem Therapy, it will give negative results. For instance, Blue Sapphire is the stone of Saturn and cannot wear by everyone. But if it is treated and transformed to some colour stones, the malefic effect of Saturn will give side effects to the wearer.

It is said that the radiation in the gemstones such as radioactive isotope cobalt-60 in a gamma-ray facility makes the gemstones becomes radioactive the moment it is irradiate. However, the side effect of wearing irradiated gemstones is not certain. Whether treated gemstones affect our body or not, for astrological purposes, it will never give desired results.

Many people sell treated gemstones in the name of natural gemstones to gain their own benefits. But it is legally required to disclose the procedure of the treatment as the natural and treated gemstones are difficult to distinguish. Non-disclosure of the treatment cause a person to believe that the particular gemstones they buy are natural and of high quality resulting to serious side-effects.

Gemkart presents you 100% natural and untreated gemstones. We assure that all our gemstones have high quality that pass the touchtone test of 4c and is able to use for astrological purposes. You will also get a report of authenticity. For queries, you may call +91 98555 68600 or e-mail us at care@gemkart.com.

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