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Gemstones to heal your Chakras

Gemstones to heal your Chakras

Gemstones aren’t just a pretty sight to look at; they possess great healing properties that can greatly enhance your physical, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing. Based on Ayurvedic teachings and other Eastern traditions, there exist 7 energy centers along the spine of the human body called Chakras that communicate and work together. They have their own unique colors as well. These chakra colors help to balance the mind, body and soul completely.

Beginning from the base of the spine to the crown of the head, these chakra energy can sometimes get unbalanced which can lead to unwanted emotional, physical and emotional issues in the body. So, how to ensure that they are aligned and the energy pathways stay activated? - By making use of chakra gemstones for healing and rebalancing the energies. If you don’t know about the best gemstone for each chakra yet and how to use chakra stones, continue to read our blog for more details.

  1. Crown Chakra
    Location -
    At the top of the head
    Chakra Color -
    Best Gemstone -
    Benefits of Crown Chakra healing -
    Gives vitality to the cerebrum and brings intelligence

Brow Chakra
Location -
Above the eyebrows
Chakra Color -
Best Gemstone -
Blue Sapphire
Benefits of Throat Chakra healing -
Opens the psychic abilities and better concentration

Throat Chakra
Location -
 At the throat
Chakra Color -
Best Gemstone -
Blue Topaz
Benefits of Throat Chakra healing -
Improves speech and communication and better self-expression

Heart Chakra
Location -
In the center of the chest
Chakra Color -
Best Gemstone -
Benefits of Heart Chakra healing -
Brings love & passion and also, the feeling of oneness.

Solar Plexus Chakra
Location -
Behind the navel
Chakra Color -
Best Gemstone -
Yellow Sapphire
Benefits of Solar Plexus Chakra healing -
Eases tension and brings focus

Sacral Chakra
Location -
In the lower abdomen
Chakra Color -
Best Gemstone -
Benefits of Sacral chakra healing -
Brings creativity, passion and sexual fulfillment

Root Chakra
Location -
At the base of the spine
Chakra Color -
Best Gemstone -
Benefits of Root chakra healing -
Increases overall health and invokes courage

How to use stones for chakra healing?

Choose your chakra gemstone for healing or you can make use of all the 7 chakra gemstones. Then lie down and place it over or around the chakra. Empty your mind and relax to focus on activating your stones. This will rebalance the energy of your chakras and align them. When it feels right, you can end the healing.

You can also hold the gemstone in your hand and wear it as a jewelery.

Do remember to clean your chakra gemstones before and after every healing.

If you want to harmonize the different energy centres in your body, Gemkart can help you in doing this. It is one of the most trusted gemstones brand online that offers a large collection of natural and untreated stones for healing the chakras to maintain the positive flow of energy in the body. For more information, please visit: www.gemkart.com


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