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Lesser Known Facts about Gemstones

Lesser Known Facts about Gemstones

People across the world have been embracing gemstones for years now. Be it for the purpose of wearing them as jewellery or for astrological reasons, everyone finds gemstones captivating and valuable.  Each one is unique in its own way due to their colour, construct, rarity and healing properties. Over time they have been gaining more popularity for their power to strongly influence the life of an individual and ward off all negativities. So, we can’t deny the fact that gemstones are very fascinating and to learn more about them, read through some of the most interesting facts about gemstones, unknown to many!

Garnets and Pomegranates
There is a common link between Garnets and Pomegranates. It turns out that Garnet got its name from the seeds of a pomegranate which looks very similar to the stone as they are blood red in color.

Hardest gemstone
Formed underground under extremely high pressure, diamond is considered the hardest gemstone. It measures a 10 on Mohs scale which means it is very tough and can withstand any wear and tear. Thus, the perfect gemstone for daily wear.

Softest Gemstone
Amber is known to be the softest as well as the lightest gemstone in the world. The stone is so light that it floats when in salt water. Baltic amber is mostly preferred for making jewellery as it is the hardest type.

Favourite gemstone of Cleopatra
Egypt shares a long history with gemstones as they considered them very valuable and powerful. The most favourite ones were emerald and peridot. Even the famous Egyptian queen Cleopatra had her all-time favourite gemstone which is Peridot.

Naturally striped gemstone
Agate gemstone has natural stripes all over that make it look so creative, unique and beautiful. These stripes appear due to the presence of minerals such as chalcedony or quartz within the gemstone.

Pearl cultivation
The elegant beauty of pearls is known to all. The reason why it is worn as jewellery by people from all around the world. But did you know that it takes 1-2 years to cultivate a pearl. The small bead also known as the nucleus is planted within the mollusk and it is then left for 1-2 years to grow into a beautiful pearl.

Most colouful gemstones
Tourmaline is one gemstone which comes in all colours and therefore, called as Rainbow Gemstone as well. Opal is another gemstone which has bands of colours within its white or black background.

Largest Faceted Gemstone
The El-Dorado Topaz holds the record for the largest faceted gemstone in the world, weighing whooping 31,000 carats which is equivalent to 6.2 Kgs. It is part of the Special Exhibitions Gem Collection of the Programa Royal Collections Group based in Madrid, Spain.

These are the few lesser known gemstones facts which might have left you amazed. There are some superstitions and myths attached to them as well. You can check our blog on the common gemstone myths that exist to avoid false beliefs.

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