• Find Your Birthstones with a Zodiac Gemstone Chart

    There is no end to the fascination with birthstones. Reflecting one’s true personality, each has its own unique significance. The origination of birthstones can be dated back to the ancient times when people believed that gemstones hold some mystical powers such as luck and prosperity that can strongly influence the life of an individual. The...

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  • Do gemstones really work? Here are the results

    Do gemstones really work? A question which comes to the mind of almost everyone and the answer to it is – yes, gems do work. Only if they are natural and genuine, which means they should not have been treated.

    Adorning a natural gemstone can bring long-lasting positive changes in your life. It endows the...

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  • How a Fake Gemstone can have Adverse Effects on you

    When it comes to our Indian culture, Gemstones have a very special significance. Since the time when we were born, the common notion that floats everywhere is that gemstones can alter the destiny, and this certainly stands true till date! The astrological benefits that it brings along with it have strengthened the faith of people...

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  • Benefits, Power and Effects of Wearing a Blue Sapphire (Neelam) Gemstone

    Have you ever desired that you get good luck in abundance and that too instantly? Have you ever wished for a miracle to happen and swarm you with wealth? Well, who doesn’t dream for a better future!

    It can all be possible with the help of the certified neelam gemstone - the Blue Sapphire. As...

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  • Bollywood Celebrities and their Belief in Gemstones

    Who doesn’t love Bollywood celebrities and their creative work? Some of us admire them for their looks and some of us for their acting skills. But have you ever wondered who do they trust or rely on when in trouble? What drives their faith to believe in themselves and achieve success in whatever they do?

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  • Significance of Navratri in different parts of India

    India is all set to welcome the dawn of festival season from this 29th day of September, which marks the beginning of Navratri. Navratri is a festival of 9 days completely devoted to Goddess Durga and the nine Navratri days stand to signify her 9 avatars.
    A time of extreme festivities, joy, and cheer in the Hindu...

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