• 5 Steps to Purchase Natural Gemstones

    Gemstones have shared a close relationship with Indian culture and beliefs. They have found a prominent place in our religious traditions and rituals. Since ages, they have been associated with hope and abundance. Even the most sacred texts of Hindu beliefs-the Vedas have mentioned gemstones as a medium to reap divine benefits by attracting cosmic...

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  • Rudraksha – Origin, Uses, and Benefits

    Rudraksha word is made by the combination of two words, “Rudra” and “Aksha” where Rudra refers to Lord Shiva and Aksha refers to tears of Rudra. Also known as the Utrasum Bead, scientifically it is the Elaiocarpus Ganitrus Roxb. Rudraksha is said to be blessed with unmatched divine properties bestowed on it by the...

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  • The Significance and Effects of Jupiter Transition 2019

    Planet Jupiter is known as a highly auspicious planet and a complete revolution takes around 12 years. This means that Jupiter transition happens every year. Vedic astrology considers Jupiter as the mentor or the Guru and is linked to growth and prosperity. It is said to be the mentor of all the Devas. It is...

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  • Why Natural Gemstones are Expensive?

    Natural Gemstones are nature’s gift to human to help them in various endeavors in life. Their importance lies in their magnificent facets which holds the power of various planets. It is no hidden truth that these little sparkling pieces of stones can have a magical influence on our life. Our entire existence is enhanced with...

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  • Suffering from financial loss. Wear natural gemstone.

    Financial success does not come easy. There are many factors which play a role but the role of gemstones and crystals cannot be ignored. When you struggle to get things right and work your way to the top you should also consider referring to gemstones. While not all stones make a difference and each one...

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  • Blue Sapphire - Power & Significance of Color

    Neelam stone is one of the most powerful gemstones of modern times. It has the potential to take you to skies of success.

    It was in 1969, when a young man from Allahabad, named Inquilab, had reached Mumbai with Bollywood dreams and started small with a profile of a voice narrator after many rejections. He...

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