• Why buy gemstones online from Gemkart?

    There was a time when gemstones were worn as jewelry by people of high status only. But things have changed and so has the purpose. In today’s time, it can be worn by anyone and mainly for the reason to get rid of the negative effects of planets completely. Due to the special significance that...

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  • Yellow Sapphire Gemstone Buying Experience from Gemkart

    More and more people are turning to gemstone therapy these days. It’s no surprise as people are getting to experience great positive changes in their life using gemstones. Wearing them nullifies the negative effects of the ruling planet that bringsforth peace, happiness and prosperity in an individual’s life.

    Among all available gemstones in the market,...

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  • Customer Experience with Blue Sapphire

    There’s no denying the fact that gemstones are a beautiful sight to behold. The reason why they are purchased as fashion jewellery by most customers. But that’s not all! Over the years customers have shown great interest in gemstones for astrological reasons and one of them is Blue Sapphire.

    As per Vedic Astrology, blue sapphire...

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  • Gemstone Myths Busted!

    Apart from having mystical powers, gemstones have a fascinating history that can generate curiosity in anybody’s mind. It is interesting that the ancients wore gemstones to protect themselves from any harm. There are many such stories related to gemstones and their effects if you continue to explore their history. The more you dig deep, the...

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  • Lesser Known Facts about Gemstones

    People across the world have been embracing gemstones for years now. Be it for the purpose of wearing them as jewellery or for astrological reasons, everyone finds gemstones captivating and valuable.  Each one is unique in its own way due to their colour, construct, rarity and healing properties. Over time they have been gaining...

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  • Gemstone to wear for Success in Business

    Running a business is not easy. Entrepreneurs encounter on a daily basis a host of challenges, some are rewarding while some are really harsh and difficult to overcome.Especially the ones which was not anticipated or don’t know how to respond.

    Fortunately, it's possible to ease them and get your business going with the help of gemstones....

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